Tony Trident – some questions for you

If we are to believe our government, the main security threat we face comes from non-governmental terrorism so how and why do you think that increasing our nuclear arsenal will protect us from this kind of threat?   Don’t you think that possessing such weapons poses more of a terrorism threat?   Can you guarantee that terrorists will not be able to get their hands on WMD materials when nuclear cargo is in transit or that installations plants/weapons factories will not be attacked? 

How can you accuse Iran’s efforts to go nuclear of being in breach of the NPT when Britain is also a signatory of that treaty and is therefore legally committed to nuclear disarmament? 

Why do you want us to become dependent on nuclear weapons, albeit mistakenly?  Do you want the world to live under and be ruled by the fear of nuclear disaster?

You tell us that a new generation of nuclear arms to replace the Trident fleet would be for deterrent purposes only but isn’t it perfectly logical that it will activate another arms race? 

Don’t you think that increasing, retaining even, our nuclear arsenal, sends a worrying signal to other nations to fearfully do likewise?

Don’t you think that if we set a pattern and started to disarm, we would be sending signals that the possession of nuclear weapons by any country is no longer necessary to deter attack?

Do you mistakenly believe that your campaign for proliferation before you go will somehow minimise your dreadful Iraq war legacy?

When I get chance to tidy this up, I will email it to him.


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