Children for Children

Santa Notes. 
Last Thursday, my ten year old daughter sang with some of her class buddies at the annual Christmas concert held in aid of children’s charities. This year, proceeds went to the local children’s hospice. This concert is held every year and basically, it involves children from several local primary schools (with the odd secondary school taking part) getting together and and putting on a fantastic performance of songs at the cathedral.  The Cathedral’s music co-ordinator works wonders on these kids because he visits each school that is taking part just once in the week prior to the concert. He takes them through a quick rehearsal and then on the day of the concert, they all come together just one hour before it begins to have the one rushed rehearsal together.

Each school sings an individual song of their own choosing in between the joint schools singing songs in unison.  It’s quite remarkable considering they’ve not actually rehearsed together apart from the one hour before the start of the concert and the result is always phenomenal. 

Always – a wonderful evening. There’s something about the voices of children singing together that puts a lump in your throat and makes your skin goose-pimply.


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  1. That post brought me back to my childhood. We used to have contests at theatres. Several schools presented their choirs – soloists included – and there were symbolical awards to the winner. I remember I belonged to my school choir and was enormously frustrated because I got sick in the theatre and could not sing. That is perhaps why my choir won that edition.

    That practice,unfortunately, has been discontinued in modern times.


  2. Posted by misslionheart on December 10, 2006 at 1:09 pm

    I’d love my children to be involved in something as big as that. My two eldest are in the School Choir/Church Choir. The eldest sings in Mass every Saturday evening and *loves* it. She also does the collection or Shaking of the Hands. I too, would get a lump in my throat, in fact, I would definitely cry!:lol:


  3. Canarislander…how sad that you missed your concert. And what a shame that it’s been discontinued. I love the whole choir sound. I watched a really good programme just last night called “The People’s Chorus” whereby 800 members of the public came together, lead by a conductor, to briefly rehearse and then perform Tallis’s Spem in Alium. The result was astounding.

    To be honest, I just love music and my musical tastes are very diverse.

    Misslionheart, yep, I cried at the Children for Children concert. You would have loved it. My daughter absolutely loves the whole musical song/dance/theatre environment.


  4. Posted by misslionheart on December 10, 2006 at 2:52 pm

    My eldest is rehearsing for Oliver at the moment. She’s the Rose Seller. She’s dreading it!


  5. Hi earthpal

    Can’t see an email contact on your site so will post here. Obviously delete once read if that’s desirable.

    The Coffee House has done the right thing (I hope!) and transferred over to ‘WordPress’. Would love it if you became the first to place a comment on our new site, if any of the new posts take your fancy!


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