I see most of my talented multi-tasking co-bloggers have managed to keep up with their blogging while enjoying the festivities. My computer seems to be running to form again so I can finally catch up with my favourite blogs and get this one active again.


Well….Christmas came and went.


Gluttony: so far, I have consumed way too much wine, have not eaten anywhere near enough chocolates and have managed to avoid the minced-pies unless fresh cream was involved (I can only stomach them when they’re smothered in whipped cream).


Me! Me! Me!: I got some lovely gifts…perfume, clothes, the new Razorlight CD, sweet bathroom smellies….and my seven year old son gave me a fabulous oil painting that he had made all by himself. At school, his class had been studying artists and their different styles and they focused in particular on Georgia O’Keefe. The children all made an individual copy of one of her pieces using oil and canvas boards. After displaying their work for a couple of weeks in school, they were taken down, gift-wrapped and brought home to put under the tree. The picture of the poppy above is my little boy’s effort. Brilliant! The photo doesn’t do it justice but you can get the idea.


Grumbling: would it be mean-spirited of me to mention what I was hoping for but never got?   Of course being the selfless, earthy type, the only thing I truly wished for was *World Peace* but I was hoping to receive (and dropped enough hints!) the novel by Karen Joy Fowler called The Jane Austen Book Club?  Alas, my hints went unnoticed but never mind. Will perhaps buy it myself in the sales.



Tantrums and tension: we managed to get through without any mega mood swings, squabbles, breakages, missing instructions, forgotten pressies, illness or major hangovers so that’s a bonus. Although my sister – gob lubricated with mulled wine – made a tactless blunder right on Christmas day when she blurted out her surprise that my ten year old daughter still believed in Father Christmas which resulted in said daughter rushing out of the room in tears! My imagination had to stretch to courageous and admirable lengths to limit the damage. Gawd! The lies we tell our kids to protect the magic.


Christmas TV: Did anyone watch the Big Fat Quiz of the Year? T’was very funny. And did anyone watch the Vicar of Dibley Christmas special? I missed it! One of my all time favourite comedies and I missed it! I believe the second and final part is to be shown on New Years Day. I heard that the first half was really good. Also watched the 100 Greatest Christmas Moments of which the top 20 included the likes of that brilliant Father Ted episode where the priests got lost in the lingerie department of a major store and the Vicar of Dibley episode where Geraldine’s obliging and wonderfully kind nature meant that she had to eat three Christmas dinners in one day.  Super stuff!  The number one spot went to Band Aid’s Do They Know it’s Christmas?


Talking of Top 100’s…I do love to watch these shows. No matter how boring the theme is, it becomes quite compulsive sitting through the countdown, seeing all those films, songs, bands (or whatever) that you’ve totally forgotten about and being really surprised at the end by one that got the top spot.


Well, party season isn’t over as the *big one* is yet to come tomorrow night. And once again, I have self-burdened by volunteering to host the friends-and-family New Year celebrations at our house. So I had better get busy cleaning and tidying. Really…why bother though? T’will be a mess again in no time at all.


Anyhoo…t’is good to escape the mayhem and get back in blogland.


This blog theme doesn’t seem to like paragraphs hence all the ~~~~’s


2 responses to this post.

  1. All the fitness you achieve along the year lost in just a few hours, phew!

    You have given a very graphic description of your Christmas home, thank you for sharing, Earthpal.


  2. Thanks Jose. I hope you had a wonderful time with your loved ones.


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