Another Christmas has been and gone and as is the growing tradition, all the pressies we buy for our kids now seem to come with batteries or chargers.  Well, whatever happened to wind-up mechanics?  I bought my daughter a traditional musical jewellery box.  You know the type…where the ballerina pops up and spins round to music when you open the lid.  It doesn’t require electricity.  It just needs winding up at the back and she thinks it’s lovely.

And remember the wind-up robots?  The climbing monkey?  The wind-up toy cars?  And those wind-up chattering teeth – oh gosh…remember those?  Classic vintage stuff.

We used to manage perfectly with wind-up alarm clocks, wind-up watches, wind-up toys – didn’t we?  All very much more environmentally friendly.  Now we have all-singing, all-dancing radio alarms to wake us, flashy quartz watches to keep us on time, computerised toys to comatose our brains and gazillions more electronic gadgets that rely on electricity and drain our depleting resources.

Perhaps I should start my very own Campaign for Clockwork.  Or I could call it Put the Clockwork Back into Christmas.  Tee hee!  Who’s in with me?

I know.  It won’t catch on.  Try taking back my little girl’s pink Nintendo-DS or my son’s Playstation.  Or try prising the iPod from my eldest daughter’s fingers!   Come to think of it…try taking my computer off me!!

But let us remind ourselves – we’re running out of time.  Tick, tock…


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  1. Those winding-up toys were stronger, they lasted longer. Today with the battery-powered toys you give money to many more people than you did before. Things of Capitalism.


  2. Very true Jose.

    When I was a girl, my favourite toys were dolls, especially the Cindy and Barbie dolls. No need for electricity to play with them…just a colourful and wishful imagination and another friend to work the other doll.

    My brother was into the Evil Kneivel cars.

    I think the videogames were just emerging by way of Atari.


  3. Posted by misslionheart on December 31, 2006 at 5:32 pm

    I had a wind-up jewellery box, too, which I treasured. The Christmas before my Mum died, I bought her a musical figurine. When she opened it and played ‘Love Story’ we cried together….


  4. Our front room is completely taken over by toys. What if they all wake up one night and kick off Toy Story 3 … !


  5. Yes, until yesterday ours was the same….absolutely no floor space at all. But I had to have a tidy up for the NYE party.

    And I think it’s about time Woody and Buzz made a comeback!


  6. ML…I had a wind-up jewellery box too. I can’t remember the music it played but I know I treasured it for years too. I wonder what happened to it.


  7. My daughter got a windup fish for the bath at approximately 13:00 hours. It was broken before 13:05.


  8. Really MrZ, you shouldn’t play with your daughter’s toys in the bath!


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