Happy New Year!

A touch belated but I hope you all partook in some good old New Year merriment and are now fully recovered, ready to face the world.  Back to work for most of us today hmm…well, some of us had to work through the hols didn’t we?  

A new blog look for the new year and this theme is called Almost Spring.  I’m not sure about it so excuse me if I change it a few times until I can settle with one.

I had a nice relaxing day after cleaning up after New Years Eve party madness.  We watched movies – two old and classic favourites of mine:  One was Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang  and despite the fact that Dick Van Dyke is cringingly annoying, it’s a good old retro movie and I’d totally forgotten about Benny Hill’s appearance as the toy-maker.  The other movie was Half A Sixpence and watching this made me yearn to have my time again because I know if I did I would definitely be a dancer.   Sigh…


The second of  a two-parter and the last ever episode of the Vicar of Dibley last night – who watched it?   I missed the first part but my sister filled me in on the storyline so it wasn’t a problem.  One hilarious part that she illustriously described to me was the Puddle scene which made me even more disappointed that I’d missed it…then lookie here.  In’t YouTube brilliant!

Last night saw Geraldine finally bag her man.  She got married.  I have to say, her husband didn’t come across very convincingly as being in love with her and I was hoping she would jilt him at the altar and run off with the ever-so-lovable vicar who was marrying them both and happened to be an ex-boyfriend who was still totally enamoured with her.  Alas, t’was not to be but all in all, it was a nice, if not a bit flat, ending to a brilliant, brilliant series. 

Oh, did I mention…?  Remember the other wedding when Alice Tinker married Hugo and they had Teletubbies as bridesmaids?  (probably the best ever episode)  Well anyway, guess who what the bridesmaids were for Geraldine?  Daleks!  Bloody Daleks!!!  How could she?  I mean does she not know of my perfectly rational fear of Daleks?  Does the woman not read my blog??

And for an interesting take of 2006 news events, read this post written by Caractacus on The Fundamentalist Druid blog.

champagne.jpg  Here’s to a more peaceful and much Greener 2007.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by misslionheart on January 2, 2007 at 8:41 pm

    That was the first time I saw that VOD clip! She reminds me of an ex sis-in-law of mine.

    p.s. I like the layout…

    p.p.s. and snagged the glasses!


  2. It’s so funny but to understand it you have to have seen the previous episode that first featured the puddle.


  3. Posted by misslionheart on January 2, 2007 at 11:26 pm

    Is that the one with the bloke from Casualty? That was hilarious! 😆


  4. Saturday, the 6th, is the feast here, in Spain, of the Three Magi, the last one before children go back to School after a long period, since the 22nd December. Traditionally The Three Magi leave presents after letters children have previously written to them.

    So we’ll be coming back to normal on the 8th January.


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