Did you know…

…that UK traffic lights emit 50,000 tonnes of co2 per year and converting all traffic lights to LED’s would save most of those emissions. Source.

But why switch? I mean do we really need traffic lights? Could we survive the roads without automated objects telling us when to stop and go? Do traffic lights really make our roads safer?

Do you think it’s possible that after years of depending on the traffic light system, drivers could trust themselves to manage road junctions by using their own analytical judgement and discretion while maintaining a safe and courteous attitude to other drivers and pedestrians?  And without resorting to the ever-increasing traits that we no longer bother to even try to bring under control such as road-rage, panic, stress, utter stupidity, lack of concentration, mobile-phone use….?  Well, road rage, stress and driver-incompetence (and mobile-phone use!) is already rife on our roads, even with the traffic lights to control us.

I dunno…I’m envisaging scenes of utter chaos. Take the mini-roundabout user. People complain about roundabouts popping up everywhere but I find that most people just don’t know how to use one correctly. Drivers sit dumbly at each junction of the roundabout waiting for someone to make a move when really no-one should be motionless for long…each car at each junction should just filter through and the traffic flow should be just that…flowing…slowly and safely.

That said, if we did remove traffic lights, surely people would take more care with their attention and concentration. Without the lights telling us to stop and go, surely drivers would be compelled, if only out of sheer survival instinct, to drive more cautiously hence more safely. And wouldn’t it be a great relief to end the frustration of spending so much time sitting at red lights when traffic is totally absent at the green light.

And…those nasty co2’s would be reduced.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Roundabouts are “in” now in the European Union. They sprout everywhere and it’s said they are the perfect alternative to traffic lights, which I agree with you should be sent to kingdom come. If a motorist does not want to respect traffic laws they wouldn’t respect traffic lights obviously. So why use them?


  2. Reminds me of that classic scene in National Lampoon’s European Vacation…the one where the Griswald family got stuck on the huge roundabout in London because they just didn’t understand how it works. I’m sure it will be on YouTube somewhere. It’s so funny.


  3. How about… only the people who need to drive, on the trips which actually require cars, should drive. That should cut down car use by at least 75%, and get three times the greenhouse gas reductions we could hope to achieve if we went crazy and eliminated aviation completely.


  4. Yes, good point. How many cars do we see in traffic queues that have only one occupant, namely the driver? It doesn’t make sense. What’s needed is a reliable, convenient and cheap public transport infastructure but will the government invest in this? No. Supposedly government-regulated rail fares were very recently increased by 4.3%. Some unregulated fares went up by 7.3%!

    By the way, nobody suggested we eliminate aviation completely but how about if we apply your suggested car travel standards to aviation and only allowed neccessary flights too?


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