My writer’s block is back so I’m going to waffle on and see what comes out.

Here goes:

carrot.jpg My youngest daughter has recently announced that she is a vegetarian and has presented me with a diet sheet of things she won’t eat.   Of course I will honour her wishes and do my best to make sure she gets a fully balanced and nutritious diet.  Her activism may or may not last but it’s her choice and her right.  At least she’s quite a good eater.  My other daughter was a vegetarian for about a year but it was really difficult to feed her because she was sooo faddy with her food and she never liked all the vegetarian options.  And confusingly, she didn’t like much in the way of vegetables so you can imagine how hard that was!   A vegetarian who doesn’t like vegetables!   She would have lived off apples.  I think she probably did at times!

My little boy, not wanting to miss out or be out-done, declared that he wants to be a “vegetable-arian”also.  His dad told him that if he didn’t eat meat he would not build up the muscles and strength necessary to do well at rugby.  Hrmphh!! 

rugby-ball.jpgTalking of rugby, my son currently plays tag rugby but alas, he’s quickly getting to the age when, inevitably, he will have to be taken away from the under-eight’s protective rules of engagement and he will have to play contact rugby.  Well!  I’ve seen those lads play contact and trust me, my son will not be entering the field unless his body is fully covered in double-layered bubble-wrap then placed in a giant jiffy bag and wearing extra-plus padded headgear and mighty-strength gum shields.  I’m not kidding!  

flamenco.jpg  As some of you may or may not know, I love dance.  I go to belly-dancing classes.  I’ve tried salsa and flamenco.  Disco, punk, rock, alternative, ballroom, jazz, funky, musical…anything works for me if I like the music.  Well, my work-friend has recently gained her teaching qualification in specialist dance and has started her own dance class.  Of course, I will support her and attend these classes.  But there’s a huge and almighty *unfortunately* in this.  The one and only dance type that I utterly loathe is…line-dancing.  And guess what she teaches?  Yep!  And the first class is tomorrow night.  The dress-code is jeans and cowboy boots.  No way!  This will be far more humiliating challenging than the belly-dancing shows I’ve had to do.

Running out of steam now…oh gawd!  Is that it?  I was hoping that as I wrote, some philosophical words would magically form – or that a long and intellectual essay would emerge.  Poetry perhaps.  Even political would do!  But no.  Just the kids – and me. 





2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by misslionheart on January 9, 2007 at 10:45 am

    But these are the posts I enjoy. I remember when you wrote about sitting in the precinct eating a ’99 with the wino’s. That made me laugh soooo much!
    As for line-dancing, get your boots on and get out there. I did it at Newfield. It was a Line Dancing holiday. All ages, and after a couple of dances, great fun! Go on, you’ll enjoy it. (And you won’t need to show your flabby spare tyre, either!) 👿


  2. What spare tyre?? I belly-dance remember. Keeps me ever so trim. 😉

    Yes, the line-dancing…FD from work is going to be there so no doubt it will be great fun.

    Thanks hon. I really enjoyed writing the Random People post.


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