Why Bother!

Immigration and asylum seekers 

My friends who visit this blog know my views on this very well.  I have aired them often enough here, here and here amongst other internet outlets. 

Today in our staff room, the daily coffee chat turned into a discussion about asylum seekers and immigration.  In the past, I’ve always found my own views on this issue out-numbered by the other girls opposing opinions and today was no exception.  Needless to say, their views are just a repeat of the misinformation that is often found in your gutter-press –   the same mythical sensationalism that they’ve read in trashy tabloids and have believed every word.

On a normal day I can’t keep my mouth shut and I throw a few FACTS at them.  I will put up a verbal fight with the defiance of a stubborn militant.  But today I lost the will.  I just couldn’t face being outnumbered and I gave up.  I didn’t even try. 

And the ironic thing was that the discussion ended with the girls chatting about where they would choose to live given the option.  And none of their choices were anywhere in Britain.

I’m off to join the Why Bother? Generation.   Anyone with me?  why-bother.jpg


10 responses to this post.

  1. Like the ‘Why Bother Generation’ link … cooool.

    Regarding racist dimwits; I too had the experience today of such a stupid conversation. I work at a school & we are currently having a new kitchen built. I was in the building site’s so-called canteen talking about the last 5 years non-stop building works when one of the builders (actually he’s a drain layer) remarked that it’s ‘wasted on these muslims’. I said back to him that I thought he was more intelligent than that etc, etc.

    Oh well. Sun readers. What can you do. And to think Blair & Brown will do anything Murdoch asks just to stay in power. It ain’t the middle classes that are in charge!


  2. Yes, Murdoch the puppeteer! Frightening that one man can hold such a monopoly.

    The builder’s remark is typical of comments I hear on a daily basis.

    I forgot to mention that the girls also had a moan about the new Green taxes for flights. But hey ho. that’s the mentality of people who seek their pleasures at all cost and stuff the consequences.


  3. It’s funny that I often hear people going on to me about immigrants too. I smile and keep quiet usually. Because I’m an immigrant.


  4. So am I. 🙂


  5. They don’t see me as an immigrant though, I suppose because I’m white.


  6. I have no problem with immigrants, my boyfriend wants to live permenantly in Australia. The problem I have is illegal immigrants coming into our country, not trying to fit and not bothering to accept our culture or learn english. These people seem to bring their whole family and nobody speaks english. My boyfriend is intellegent he has two degrees, speaks english (better than me at times) and wants to work and work hard, but he can’t get permenant residence unless I sponsor him. Does this not seem fair? I accept legal enteries and asylum seekers. I don’t want to seem racist or any thing like that, but I don’t like things being unfair. Sorry for that long rambling. 😦


  7. I wonder what globalisation is for. Apparently globalisation is meant for large corporations to establish themselves in countries where labour is cheap and tax conditions favourable to their aims. Why can globalisation not be for the movement of citizens from one country to the other, too?

    I think that is something they are entitled to after their country – that is in a democracy they themselves – has permitted corps to work there.


  8. Posted by misslionheart on January 16, 2007 at 9:49 pm

    So am I! 😳


  9. Yes MrZhisou, my situation also. It’s normally my ‘kiwi’ accent that gives it away but, not always!

    Misslionheart; no need to blush!!



  10. Pocket…no need to apologise. I value your comments. You have some really good thoughts.

    To all you *immigrants* – that’s the point I was making when I said that my work-friends expressed a desire to live in other countries in search of a better life. They failed to see that this was a contradiction to their indignatory views about immigrants here in the UK who have, in fact, done just the same, bearing in mind that they’ve usually escaped much worse conditions. Who can blame them so long as, like Pocket says, they are willing to work and contribute.

    Jose, very true words. What people often fail to realise is that migration works both ways. People migrate in and out of countries, taking or bringing their skills with them.


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