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Miss Potter


I went to see this film last night and I loved it.  Not least because much of it was set in the much-loved (by me anyway) Lake District, with some wonderful cinematography going on but also because it was just so lovely and pure and fascinating.

I won’t give any plot details away.  Well there aren’t any anyway.  It’s just a delighful insight into the life of Beatrix Potter and the society she was brought up in with all its social snobbery.  I’m not sure how accurately true to life the potrayal was, but Renee Zellweger brilliantly turned her into an endearingly enchanting character and I found myself fixed on her throughout the film.   And she handled her powsh English accent extremely well if not a little exaggerated at times.  But not enough to irritate me.

And that cutie, Ewan McGregor played a great role as the publisher of her books. 

Before I saw the film, and I wasn’t all that interested to be honest, Beatrix potter was to me, simply the creator of many very sweet and beautifully illustrated tales for children of all ages.  But it seems she was also a determined woman, a free-thinker of her time, who freed herself from the strangling demands of her society and made her own way in the world.  She was devoted to her art.  And it turns out she was also a wonderful and benevolent conservationist. 

You can read about her life on this National Trust website but I wouldn’t bother if you are planning to watch the film.  Save all the delights for that.

Strangely, when I was telling my ten year old daughter about it, I went off to rummage our bookshelves in search of one of her books and I didn’t have a single one.  I know we’ve had them.  Thing is with childrens books, once my kids have outgrown them, unless they’re especially cherished or were a special gift, I tend to pass them on.  Books are meant for reading and enjoying by all kids, not stuck on shelves collecting dust.

Anyhoo, great little film…sweet and tender.  I cried and smiled all the way through.  But then, that’s just me.  I think I was given the lion’s share of all that emotional mush.


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  1. This didn’t get great reviews, and Mark Kermode said Zellwegger was terrible, obviously you disagree and I haven’t seen the film so can’t comment.

    I hate her books though, they are terrible. I honestly cannot understand what all the fuss is about.


  2. I’d say it’s more of a ladies film. I’m not sure many guys would appreciate it. Doesn’t matter. There are enough blood and gut-spilling horror films for Mark Kermode to get excited over. I loved it and I thought Zellweger was brilliant. She really captivated me.

    As for her books, I think she’s just as popular for her lovely illustrations of all her woodland animals. My two girls loved her tales but I’ve never introduced my little boy to them.

    As for the woman herself, much kudos to her for what she did for the Lake District.


  3. The artwork is understandably popular, but I think the tales are truly terrible.

    Kermode normally has good taste in films, I think, although he is an elitist. I loved Zellweger in Bridget Jones and most other things she´s been in (she was a bit annoying in Cold Mountain though).


  4. You mean you’ve never cried when Peter Rabbit told of his poor father ending up in Mr. McGregor’s pie? Or you didn’t giggle at the silliness of Jemima Puddleduck? Clearly you’ve never lived.

    I don’t know much about Kermode to be honest except that his favourite film is said the be The Exorcist – which says a lot about him. And that he hated Pirates of the Carribean. And what’s more he slated Johnny Depp’s performance as Captain Jack. That’s really all I need to know about him. Unforgivable! Lol.

    Never seen Cold Mountain but loved Bridget Jones. Not as good as the book though, as always.


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