Amnesty International is reporting that the Catholic church is involved in the forced and sometimes violent eviction of many families in Angola.  Source.

Apparently, the Angolan authorities have been trying to evict over 2000 families following a request by the late Pope John Paul II back in 1992 to have the land there returned to the church. 

The church has plans to build a sanctuary on the land.  Seems a bit ironic doesn’t it for the church to allow people who have lived there for decades to be displaced in order for the priests to build a sanctuary.

Pope Benny….is that a heart you have there?  Well use it then.


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  1. Posted by spyder on January 17, 2007 at 6:34 pm

    catholicism is hugely problematic….just look at involvement in rwanda

    and i say that as a church member….


  2. My friend is a catholic and her boyfriend and I aren’t. We all used to live in a house together and have massive discussions/arguments on the selfish nature of the catholic church. Here is a religion that is rich (not is spirit but cold hard cash)and has lots of influence but abuses its power. Look at Africa and the AIDS epidemic,the catholic church tells them that condoms and contraception are wrong (???). Their followers are dying becuse of their ignorance.


  3. I know spyder. I’ve always admired you for your willingness to be honest about certain aspects of the catholic church.

    There’s a huge amount of good that comes from the church too so why they have to let the corrupt or the negative elements creep in is beyond me.


  4. Pocket, I agree with you and the HIV/condom issue has bugged me for ages.

    The RC church does abuse its power, as does the Anglican church and the clerics of Islam.

    Scary indeed when such people hold so much influence over the minds of the masses.


  5. What is also scary is the masses don’t question this control. I can’t stop questioning long enough to be convinced.


  6. What is really stunning is the pomp, the paraphernalia the Catholic Church uses in all its rites. The gigantic temples the cost of which is settled by contributions from the faithful, while somewhere else a homeless family starves to death.

    Preaching with the example is the best way to attract followers.

    There’s a story told about the late Pope John XXIII, in my opinion one of the best persons the Church has had, who was leaning in the balcony at St. Peter’s in the Vatican and was accompanied by his Secretary. He was waiting for cardinals to arrive to a Synod he had called. The Cardinals and high dignitaries of the Church started arriving in their de-luxe limos and the Pope turned to his secretary and commented: There you are, this is indeed a good business. To think that we set it all off with a borrowed donkey!


  7. Very true Jose. I agree entirely.

    Found myself cynically nodding at your story about the late Pope John XXIII.

    Pocket, I know what you mean. I can’t abide it when corrupt forces exploit the innocent and the vulnerable who put their whole faith and trust in these leaders, refusing to believe they could possibly be capable of such corruption.


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