Shilpa and Those Girls


I don’t watch Big Brother but I do listen to the news so of course I’ve heard about the racism issue going on in the house.

I watched Question Time last night and inevitably, the issue was raised.  You can watch the programme here.  Sami Chakrabarti, the director of Liberty and one of my favourite women, had the most reasonable outlook on the whole thing.  She usually always does.  Edwina Currie made me laugh with her remark that the three girls were “witches with a capital B” but then she spoilt it by calling them slags.  This received a round of applause of which Sami was, quite rightly, dismayed about. 

Anyhoo, there seems to be a bit of a dispute as to whether the bullying that Shilpa is receiving is racially motivated or just a classic case of bullying.

Apart from the odd clip shown on the news, I’ve never watched the show so I may not be qualified to have a credible opinion.  But you know me.  An opinion I will have and I will let you have it so here goes…

I think that mean girls with bullying tendencies who take a disliking to someone will naturally target their victim’s weakness or vulnerability.  It could be that the subject of their envy is a popular girl who gets excellent grades at school.  They will attack her for being a swot.  Or if a girl is popular with the boys, they will call her a slut or a slapper, quite regardless of her sexual virtue or otherwise.  They will believe she’s a slut because it gives them an excuse to victimise her.  Whatever it is, it’s nearly always envy that makes bullies activate their tendency.  Jade Goodie apparently called Shilpa “Shilpa Poppadom” and although it’s cheap and nasty, it’s still only using personal slurs that could apply to her. 

And so, on that basis, it could be argued that the three girls who are picking on Shilpa because she is beautiful and successful are not acting out any racism as such but are simply picking out what they see as her vulnerability – the fact that she’s Asian.

But, and this is where the racism applies, I don’t think they’re picking on her for being beautiful and successful.  They’re picking on her because she’s beautiful, successful and Asian.    I mean…how dare she?  Who does she think she is? 

I think that’s what bugs them.  And I think it also means they possess racist tendencies.  I don’t think their offences are criminally arrestable.  I just think it exposes them for the insecure and jealous girls that they clearly are and I reckon they’ll cringe when they watch themselves after it’s all over.  I also don’t think Big Brother should be pulled.  I’m not for such censorship and it’s not like watching it is compulsory.  And it all might just make any current or would-be bullies out there just see and realise the ugly side of such cruel and disgusting behaviour.

JimJay of The Daily (Maybe) has written a very good commentary here.  Well worth a read.  (You’ll have to scroll down a bit.  I don’t know how to isolate posts on those blogger blogs).

Anyway, all I can say to Shilpa is save your dignity and get the hell out of there.


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  1. I haven’t seen it either, but with the bits on the news and the bits I’ve read on the web, they seem to be very silly girls – and Jade has shown herself to be the dreadful human being she really is. Do we, as adults, really behave like that just because we don’t like someone? That’s the stuff of playgrounds.


  2. Posted by misslionheart on January 19, 2007 at 4:30 pm

    Jade not-so-Goody! Everyone is talking about her over here. Shame on her.


  3. Very true Zeddie.

    Yes, shame on her indeed. Did I spell her surname wrong? Not like you ML to miss that one.


  4. Oh I’ve seen the summary of the big bullying session & I’d go as far to say that Jade is psychotic. Jade’s mum hit her when she was a child & thought it funny to take a photo of her when 5 yrs old because she had managed to roll her first joint. Jade’s father was in jail when she won BB last time. Then society raise her up to celebrity level. Crazy!

    My wife has put in for Jade to be voted out. The 50p(!) goes to charity. Nuff said!


  5. Posted by misslionheart on January 19, 2007 at 10:52 pm

    Oh,I noticed Earthie. But methinks it’s time for you to sort out your own errors. You can’t rely on me all the time! 😆


  6. The problem with racism is raising hell because of it. I am sure what the silly girls of that programme did was just to try destabilise Shilpa by bullying her. When this news transcended the Big Brother programme – which I fortunately do not watch – politicians all over the world started making use of something which in my opinion is not racist as a racist incident, and naturally enough the incident acquired disproportionate dimensions, which made those people belonging to the same race as Shilpa become racists, too.

    The less importance we give to silly things the more possibilities these silly things have to remain silly.


  7. Very good points Jose. The racism element, which no-one seems to be able to decide was racism or not, has become the dominant factor in all of this because it’s always an emotive issue that the media thrives on and has typically sensationalised. And because everyone is focusing on the racism, the very thing that no-one is in doubt about, the bullying aspect has been pushed aside. Shame really because this could have been an opportunity to highlight the problem and perhaps learn from it.

    Matt, your wife made the right decision methinks. Yeah, I guess we’re all the product of our up-bringing. No-one can choose the circustances of their birth and we don’t have a say in how we’re brought up. But that’s no excuse to behave so appallingly towards another human-being. They’re old enough to know better.

    I heard one commentator comment on the irony that Big Brother created Jade Goody and it seems that Big Brother has now destroyed her. Mmm.


  8. Posted by misslionheart on January 20, 2007 at 11:26 am

    Serves her right. Hopefully, this has taught her to keep her big mouth shut! She irritates me more than ever now. 😈


  9. Jade was raised to celebrity level because she was remarkably stupid. On the BB she first came to that nation’s attention, she was not only the first to perform a sexual act, but the first to fail to understand that Cambridge was not in London. Is what not that she didn’t know this (though that too), it was that she couldn’t comprehend the idea that it was somewhere else.

    She was known as a bully back then, and was a bully this time – and I think that’s far worse that the so-called racism.

    She might be racist, she might not be – but that’s no illegal. Racism, where it only hurts people’s feelings, is not really the issue. Bullying is pathetic in an adult, really, really sad.


  10. Agreed Zeddie. I really detest bullying in all its forms. It can send its victim to desperatation levels and should not be tolerated. Anywhere.


  11. Yes,and Jade was always a bully, and in an adult particularly it is a sure sign of psychological weakness. In a sense, Jade is the victim here, she is a victim of her own psychological flaws from her own upbringing.

    That said, she’s an adult (of sorts) and responsible for her own behaviour.

    I think crying racism every time anyone mentions anything associated with someone’s race or culture is a tiresome though. For goodness sake, if you take Jade seriously, you need your bumps felt.


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