Rydal Water

This is where we were on Sunday. It’s one of our favourite walks in the Lake District and it can be made as easy or as arduous as you desire.

We got up there too late in the afternoon for a long, strenuous hike, so we did the short easy route across the river, up to the cave and then down to the lake with a nice walk alongside it and back to the car. It rained for the most part and we got back to the car drenched and muddy but we didn’t care.

  We had a bit of a disappointment at the cave because there had been some recent rock falls so the entrance was fenced off for safety reasons. The kids have always loved this cave with its stepping stones over the pool of water at the entrance and the huge cavernous walls inside where the greatest echoing contests can take place.

I reckon that when my children have flown the nest, I will do a Beatrix Potter and hide away somewhere in the Cumbrian mountains idling away my time painting and perhaps writing even. Can’t think of anything more blissful.

Hey:  Is that a mini-moon at the back of that there cave?  Or has my digital camera picked up one of those orbs that Derek (fake) Acorah goes on about in the Haunted series?   Spoookkaayyy!!!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Very pretty. You live near there I take it. Lucky you!

    Derek a fake? That would be a sham, …. and a shame!


  2. Posted by misslionheart on January 24, 2007 at 1:13 am

    No! Is he? I think he’s so genuine……



  3. We have the orbs appear on some of our digital camera pictures it turns out it was just bits of dust and water droplets. Looks like nice country side.


  4. Matt, thanks. We’re about an hour’s drive from the South Lakes and it takes another twenty or so mins to get to Rydal Water. We’ve spent a lot of time up there….camping, hiking, ski-ing, rock-climbing.

    I’ve no idea of Derek’s authenticity but he is one irritating character to watch.

    Pocket, yeah, it’s lovely countryside. The photo’s don’t do it enough justice. The only thing that spoils it at times is the huge, thundering fighter planes that sometimes use the area for training exercises. They are soooo loud!

    I know about the orbs appearing on digital photo’s. We have quite a few pics with them on. My daughter found loads on some photo’s of her and her friends in her room when she was having a sleepover. It spooked her for weeks after, no matter how many times I explained the digital camera thing to her. She was convinced her room was haunted. Lol.


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