I read today that some UK MEP’s are calling for a EU ban on the Spanish tradition of bullfighting.   Animal rights pressure groups have lobbyed long and hard for this beloved little bloodfest to be outlawed and I believe some parts of Spain have already banned the activity as a result of this ardent lobbying.  Now some politicians have taken the campaign further by asking for a EU ban.  

The King of Spain has been quoted as saying that the day the EU bans bullfighting is the day that Spain leaves the EU.   Well, while I’m sure it would be more acceptable if a countrywide ban of the sport came from ‘within’ rather from a Brussels directive, I’m not altogether comfortable with a European Union that includes countries who still perform such barbaric acts against its animals. 

So King Juan, maybe you should leave the Union.  And come back when you’ve outgrown your love of cruelty against your animals.  Listen to your own countryfolk.  Many of them increasingly support a ban.

People have their own opinions on whether this bloodthirsty little tradition is nice or nasty but here are some *graphic* pictures to show you what goes on in the Plaza de Toros.  Oh and here is a pleasant little YouTube video involving a poor dumb donkey as well:

bull44.jpg bull11.jpg

bull22.jpg bullfight3.jpg


Zoo’s, circuses, bullfighting…and the rest.  Why do we find it so pleasurable and entertaining to strip the world’s animals of their dignity then treat them with such depraved barbarity?


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  1. I don’t think it well get banned, it’s too ingrained in the culture.

    They are trying various forms that don’t see the animal being harmed or killed, such as is more common in France, Portugal and South America (though they still kill the bull in these countries too sometimes).

    The King (Juan Carlos I) is a big fan.

    I just posted on this too, as you know, on my own blog.



  2. I don’t think it will be banned either but I hope/wish they’ll quickly find a cruelty-free alternative. I doubt it. It’s all in the bloodlust I think.

    Enjoyed your own article about this issue.


  3. Yes it is waning in Spain (as opposed to raining in Spain!) because local people just aren’t going to watch anymore. They’d rather go shopping! In fact i believe some stadia have since been turned into shopping malls. There are local activist groups in Spain who are doing a very good job of marginallising this ‘sport’. I don’t believe it is the business of the EU, but I could be wrong.


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  5. […] . Animal rights pressure groups have lobbyed long and hard for this beloved little bloodfest to be outlawed and I believe some parts of … …read more… […]


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