Serious Offload!


I’ve had a very annoying and niggling week thus far so excuse me while I just dump my bad week onto this here little blog of mine…my loyal, all-listening, wide-shouldered, tender and sympathetic blog that never answers back, is always ready and waiting and asks for nothing but a few colourful and illustrious posts in return.

Here are some of the things that have really got my back up this week:

  • The burglars who broke into a house three times within the space of five weeks while the owner was poorly in hospital. How low is that? They obviously knew the guy was in hospital so they did this.
  • The online shop that still hasn’t refunded me my £50 for an item I returned six weeks ago. I’ve sent them three emails already and have received no reply.
  • My laundry pile. It just keeps on getting bigger and bigger.
  • Wimping out of honesty. Making excuses for not attending my friends line dancing class instead of just telling her it simply isn’t my thing.
  • My inability to say no to hosting a candle party next week. Why, oh why do I repeatedly self-burden like this? See. I’m a wimp!
  • The Catholic church expecting exemptions from the law. The church adoption agency is making bribe-like noises in order to make the government exemptionalise (?!!) them from anti-discrimination laws. I have to say, I can sympathise with the church’s dilemma here. They can’t go ahead and allow gay couples to adopt via their agency when they actively preach against homosexuality but if they refuse gay couples the chance to adopt, this new law will find them liable for lawsuits against them. So my advice to the church would be to shake off those contrary and intolerant rules that you hold so dear and accept that gay people have rights too. Sorted.
  • President Bush’s SOTU. Just more rhetoric and empty gestures and nothing substantial on climate change. Well it’s not like we expected much anyway.
  • Watching all the looters scavenge for goods on the Devon beach. People! No! The goods don’t belong to you. At least give the owners a chance to retrieve their goods before you selfishly claim them for yourself. Incidentally, I found a purse this week on the car park at work. It contained a wad of notes, a receipt and nothing else. I took it straight to the general office where the girl there took it from me and said little more than…”ok, thanks.” As the day went on, I grew more uneasy about it. No record of me handing it in, no taking down my details. She could have pocketed that money. Or she could have taken a few notes. That cash might be some poor souls full weeks wage. My husband said I would have been wiser taking it to the police station. Hmm.
  • The queue at the bank. As per the norm, only two cash points out of about ten million open.
  • Blog snobs. Being totally blanked when I send a random complimentary comment to a random post of a random blog that I’ve randomly come across and have randomly enjoyed. I hate this. Why are some bloggers so ignorant? Not even a courteous thanks.
  • My own blog. I can’t find a theme that I like. My favourite is the “Rounded” theme but it’s seasonal – Autumn. And it’s not Autumn so it doesn’t feel right.
  • The nurse at work who tutted noisily and snatched the cup away from a confused and poorly patient who had dribbled her tea because no-one had taken the time to assist her.
  • My little boy who whinged all the way through doing his homework tonight. But he did tell me later that he…”loved me and would always love me – even when I’m dead.” 😯
  • Forever dropping things in the kitchen. Clumsy week is in I’m afraid and I’ve broken three glasses and two dishes. My friend calls it her “Thank God” week because every month she sweats herself until she gets it (she’s Roman Catholic so doesn’t use contraceptives).
  • Belly-dancing tonight. Couldn’t co-ordinate and could not get my shimmies right at all. Came home early with a sulk.
  • Getting home from belly-dancing and finding that there is……….NO WINE!!!!!!!

There you go. My week in a blog. Tomorrow’s Friday. Things are looking up.


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  1. Posted by misslionheart on January 25, 2007 at 11:32 pm



  2. Instant retribution! Plurp.


  3. Posted by misslionheart on January 25, 2007 at 11:57 pm

    Yup! 👿


  4. So did you actually read it?


  5. Posted by misslionheart on January 26, 2007 at 12:08 am

    Of course, Hun. I read all your posts….. 😳

    Hey, check out this great site


  6. No wine! Things have gotta look up. 🙂


  7. Strange. I’ve had an out-of-sorts week as well. I blame Bush. It’s easier that way.

    I don’t know why some weeks are like this. Bad energy fields or something more mysterious even. Just gotta ride it out I guess.

    Enjoy your weekend Earthpal & buy MORE wine!!



  8. Come over… Todays post will cheer you up!


  9. Hi, Earthpal. If that serves you as a compensation I can tell you I have missed your blog these days.

    I had involved myself in so many tasks that I did not do my duty as one of your most fervent supporters.

    I wonder who had a real nice week this week, what with all that happens everywhere which doesn’t make your eyes spark!


  10. Hi Helen, things are looking up. I got some wine today, my hubby is out for the night and my kiddies are tucked up. Peace and quiet.

    Thanks Matt. Sorry you had an iffy week too. Blaming Bush is reasonable enough methinks. And it’s not like he’d care anyway, I don’t reckon he has a conscience.

    Yes, I do believe we can create our own positive or negative aura. Have a good weekend yourself too. 🙂

    Misslionheart, I’m on my way.



  11. Jose, thank you very much! You’ve made me smile now. What a kind thing to say.

    I’ve missed your comments here and I miss your blog too and your wise and gentle words there. But fortunately, I can still benefit from your thoughts and views by visiting your forum:


  12. I know those kind of weeks and they SUX!! When I have a bad day, week, month etc I think if I didn’t have these kinds of moments how would I realise and apprciate the good days, weeks and months. I hope things cheer up for you.
    I like this blog design but if you want to change with the seasons whey don’t you go for one where you can customize the header?


  13. You know you can count on me, Earthpal. I feel very well here.

    Thank you.


  14. By the way, this change in presentation is very attractive and a change in the blogs I visit. This is called sensitivity in my book.


  15. This blog template is an earthpal classic. Certainly better than the blight version of late; sore on the eyes! (reminds me of Green & Blacks chocolate … hmmm) 🙂


  16. Pocket, thanks. Yes, it does make us appreciate the good times. Feeling better already.

    Going to stick with this theme. Most people seem to like it. And I can almost smell that chocolate. hmm…

    Thanks you guys.


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