I groaned when I heard this.

Personal debt is soaring and what do we do?  Build sixteen casinos around the country and a super-duper giant one in Manchester.

People are saying it’s a real winner for regeneration and growth in the area and that it will enhance the economy.  It probably will, but mainly for the fat cats who are already wealthy. 

Apparently, this casino is going to be located in a deprived area of Manchester so now the poor and disadvantaged get to sit by and watch with sad envy and disillusionment while the wealthy tourists, with nothing better to spend their money on, negligently throw all their *spare change* into silly little games. 

I know –  it doesn’t take a huge casino like this to create gambling addictions because there are plenty of outlets for addicts to get their fix.  (I knew someone who had an addiction to fruit machines and he would go straight to the pub after work every payday and throw the lot into the one machine they had there.  He would then go home to his wife and child with no money.  Ruined his life temporarily).  But it will certainly be an alluring attraction which will allow people to broaden their gambling habits. 

Yes, it will create jobs and attract tourism.  And it will also attract the underground world of organised criminals because where there’s big gambling, there’s always seedy low-life’s waiting to prey on the vulnerable and weak.  The social impacts, especially because it’s to be located in a deprived area, seem to have been given no consideration at all.   And there’s the environmental impact to consider such as increased traffic, congestion…and all those lights!

Does Manchester really need this?   I guess the chancellor of the Exchequer does.


3 responses to this post.

  1. My friends and I used to go to the local bingo, social club to play trivia. When we were bored we decided to play the pokies. I have never done anything more illogical (games don’t make sense) and dull in my life. What amazed us though were this fifty year old women chain smoking and feeding $50 note after note into the machine. What a waste.


  2. It probably will, but mainly for the fat cats who are already wealthy.

    In a nutshell 😉


  3. Illogical is the right word.

    Gambling addictions, like all other harmful addictions, are very destructive for all involved… families, loved ones etc. and the government has a negligible record of dealing with this social problem so it’s illogical that it should actively promote gambling.

    The BMA (British Medical Association) want gambling addicts to be treated by the NHS but government funding for this area is grossly inadequate apparently and well below other countries.

    ML, yup.


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