A year ago to this day I blogged my first post here. 

One year on there are 312 posts and 897 comments.

So….thank ye very muchly for keeping me company, for tolerating my rants and for supporting my cherished little haven.



6 responses to this post.

  1. I reciprocate, Earthpal, you for being there and keeping us so a nice company.

    Bless you.


  2. Hope you enjoyed your Blogday!


  3. Thank you Jose. Likewise.

    ML, t’was ok. Just a bit of a milestone for me – I never thought I’d find myself keeping a blog but I’ve really enjoyed it.

    And of course t’is always nice to know I’ve had so many diverse and lovely people to share my views with.


  4. Keep up the fine work, Earthpal. And thanks for visitng my blog. I’ve got an anniversary later this month.


  5. CONGRATULATIONS!! I hope you have many more years until you get sick of the fame and recognition 🙂


  6. Lol. What fame and recognition? (She says modestly :-)).

    Thanks Helen and Pocket. I really enjoy your blogs.


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