Animal Sabbath?

Paul M Howey writes a brilliant article here about the contradictory, hypocritical and downright illogical reasons that Christian hunters give to justify their sport.

From the article:

“To kill for recreation living creatures who bond and mate, who give birth and nurture their young, who experience happiness, pain, fear and grief is quite simply barbaric. In some measure, I feel that killing animals for sport can desensitize the individual to the value of life in general, not only for other creatures but also for humans.

I understand the vast majority of hunters do not shoot (okay, there was that unfortunate incident of Vice President Cheney shooting his pal Harry Whittington in the face) their fellow human beings. Still, with so much violence in our society and in the world at large, would it not be prudent to embrace more compassion, not less, for the animals with whom we share the planet?”




2 responses to this post.

  1. I am with this post, being cruel to animals is the first step to being cruel to humans. In olden times man hunted to live, today humans – in a minority thank God – kill for the mere pleasure of killing a living being.

    How is it possible that they who kill do not feel but complacency with themselves after having killed?

    I remember once I could not avoid bumping a dog with my car. The dog ended up sound and safe, from then on every time I see a dog – let alone a person- about the road I slow down to avoid recurrences. I still remember it as you can see.


  2. Yes Jose, I just don’t understand this need to kill that some humanfolk possess. I can’t even kill a creepy-crawly. My daughter is terrified of them. If she sees one in our house, I have to cup it in my hands (or in a container if it’s really creepy) and pop it outside.


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