National Sickie Day

I really needed to be involved in this today.

I forgot a very important event in my best friends life yesterday.  I woke up at 1am startled and thought, “Oh my Gawsh! I forgot!”  after which I couldn’t sleep. 

No genuine reason for not being there for her.  My house didn’t catch fire.  I didn’t crash on the way to her house and end up in the Intensive Care Unit with my body in plaster.  No family bereavement.  No excuses.  I just forgot.

So, there I was this morning, totally shattered, feeling dreadful and having to face my friend today at work.  I could have avoided her completely.  I don’t have to go onto the ward where she works.  But that would be cowardly I guess.  And I’ve got to face her sooner or later.

Anyway, I was very brave.  I didn’t pull a sickie.  But, as if to punish me further and prolong the agony, when I got to her ward, she wasn’t there. 

So I am tempted to write her a “sorry” letter, buy her some sucking-up flowers, dump them on her doorstep this afternoon and then……run.  


2 responses to this post.

  1. I have had the same problems I have the best intentions but then my mind wanders and I completely forget. Being a true friend I’m sure she will eventually forgive you.


  2. Thanks Pocket.

    Well I did what I said. I bought a ‘sorry’ card and a plant. I called at her house and she wasn’t in so I left them on her door step. She called me later that evening and said thank you for the lovely plant and card but it’s next Sunday!!!


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