Cigarette Snob

If there’s such a thing, I think I might be one.

I cringe when I see pregnant ladies sat outside the hospital doors in the freezing cold weather with their nighties on and still attached to their IV drips, puffing away on their fags.  The very fact that they’re in hospital means that they have pregnancy complications.  Some of these maternity problems will, in all likelihood, be due to smoking in the first place, others will certainly be exacerbated by it.

Furthermore, I discovered the other day that the head teacher at my children’s school is a smoker.  And it really shocked me.  She’s a really nice person who always has a lovely approach towards the kids.  She speaks with one of those Social Worker voices, you know – those voices that might well be suitable when communicating with young children but sounds very condescending with other adults.  

 smoking-angel050.jpg  The other day, when I was turning the car round in the school car park after dropping the kids off, I spotted her and another teacher huddled outside the kitchen door, shivering and puffing away on a cigarette and…well, it just didn’t look right.  My illusions of this lovely, caring, angel-like teacher, motherly embracing all her children was forever shattered and her dirty cigarette suddenly replaced her fastly-fading halo.  I know!  It’s ridiculous.  Of course, having an unhealthy habit doesn’t stop her from doing her job efficiently.  And I know we all have our vices.  Like I said.  I must be a cigarette snob.

Interestingly, my daughter brought it up this morning saying that she thought her head teacher was a hypocrite for smoking because she gave a talk in assembly one time about the perils and pitfalls of smoking and about how they should never start.  I did try to explain to her that it must be very hard to give up smoking because it is an extremely addictive habit and that the teacher is simply trying to explain that it would be better to not start in the first place.  Some things are difficult to explain to ten year olds.

My dad died of lung cancer caused by smoking.  He was a heavy smoker and he would smoke the untipped kind which is even worse.  Sometimes, if he only had the tipped kind, he would remove the tip and smoke it from the wrong end.  He died too early and it was the second worst thing I’ve had to endure, the first being the death of my mother of whom I once wrote I hearfelt tribute here.

Fortunately, smoking has become very anti-social and passive smoking is now refreshingly rare.  Public places are much more pleasant now that cigarette smoke is no longer clouding our breathing space wherever we go.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I don’t like it when I walk down the street and see these young women smoking. The way they are doing it is as if they are trying to make it cool or sexy. When I look at them I can just imagine the smell, the ten years from now when they have the puff lines around their mouth and the yellow stained teeth. It is so disgusting, it makes me feel sick when I see people doing it.


  2. Yes, it does look awful. Those pregnant ladies at the hospital where I work must be pretty desperate if they’re willing to freeze themselves outside for the sake of a cigarette, knowing that it’s probably harming their unborn babies.

    I’m glad it’s a declining habit.


  3. So glad to be an ex-smoker. It’s also good to have no-smoking in public places over here.


  4. Yes, you did really well to give up.

    My friend at work is trying to give up now and she’s using the nicotine patches. She’s finding it hard. This is her fourth attempt at kicking the habit.

    My advice: never give up giving up. Those small lengths of time that you’re not smoking might make all the difference.

    I’m sorry if I do sound stuck-up about smoking. It’s just that I watched a loved-one die from it and I guess it can make me a bit preachy.


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