At last. Everything is as it should be

The snow has arrived in our area for the first time this year.
When my daughter saw this last night, she couldn’t wait to get out into it despite the fact that it was 9.30 pm and she was ready for bed.  We did get some snow the other day but it was very light and fluffy and not worthy of working up any excitement, certainly not worthy of a mention.

The snow there doesn’t look real does it. Probably isn’t real. In this throwaway, synthetic world, it’s probably George Bush using his global snow machine to kid us into thinking everything is ok and there is no global warming really.

Disappointingly for my son, it’s all gone this morning so he still doesn’t get to build his snowman.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I was very happy a couple of weeks ago because snow had fallen abundantly up on the mountais, but luck is not a lasting thing. It vanished and, would you believe me, the weather here is more like summer than spring, let alone winter.

    Changes are taking place every year more and more rapidly


  2. True Jose. The snow where I live lasted about twenty minutes and then disappeared. My little boy is desperate to build a snowman.


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