NHS: free at the point of need

But not for much longer if old Charlie Clarkey gets his way.  He suggests we should pay for some NHS services such as rehabilitation and minor ops.  Well, what does he think we pay our taxes for?

And doesn’t he realise that when people require hospital treatment, it also often means that they are incapable of working so it would be at a time when they would be least able to afford it.  And they’re already paid for it anyway via the tax system so in effect, they would be paying for it twice.

Patients should not have to pay (again!) for any NHS treatment that is considered essential by GP’s or consultants. 

Just another rejection of socialist values from this Labour party.



One response to this post.

  1. The NHS in Spain is good enough, were it not for the long queues for surgical operations. Laws are in favour of citizens in these cases, if the case is urgent the patient would be sent to a private hospital at the expense of the NHS.

    However, too much money is spent in public works that aren’t absolutely necessary, relegating hospitals to a lower place.


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