Aloe Vera

aloe_vera.jpg  I’m always touched by the little things that friends do for each other.

The other day, my friend noticed a burn on my arm.  I had caught it on the iron.  I’m forever burning my arms on either the oven or the iron, such a clumsy mare I am.  And usually, a couple of drops of lavender oil does the trick but I’d run out this time so cold water alone had to suffice. 

I was also telling this same friend about my little boys knees (remember those?) and of them being in an eternally grazed state because he thinks it’s fun to play knee-skids on concrete paving!  This is his pattern…he falls and grazes a knee, then just as it’s healing, he falls on it again, knocking the scab off and causing it to bleed again…. 

Anyhoo, what’s all this got to do with touching moments between friends and Aloe Vera?   Well, today the said friend brought me a cutting from an Aloe Vera plant that she’d tenderly nurtured from being just a wee baby seedling.   She tied a little bow round it and gave it to me saying that every time I scald myself or whenever my kids hurt themselves, I should break a bit off one of the fleshy leaves and squeeze some of the sap onto the sore and it will work wonders.  She swears by its healing properties.

I might just stick to the lavender oil because I’m not sure I’ll be comfortable breaking those lovely succulent leaves.  I’ll be too worried that it will kill the plant.  But I was touched by the gesture.  And I have a nice new green plant for my kitchen window.

I wonder if it’s any good at healing our non-physical wounds.


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  1. You should always keep an aloe plant home, Earthpal. Sometimes its healing properties might have as a collateral benefit the healing of our spirit.

    But, alas!, it’s so difficult to be at peace with ourselves.


  2. I remember being plagued, continuously by Jamaican ladies in Montego Bay, asking did I want an ‘aloe vera rub’. They obviously noticed I’d badly burned my back on the first day of our holiday…


  3. Aloe Vera plants are wonderful.


  4. Yes, I’ve had Aloe Vera plants before although I can’t remember ever using them for minor cuts and burns. I’ve been meaning to bring one into our new house for a while now. Just forgot about it and now it’s kindly sorted.


  5. My mum uses aloe vera all the time for cold sores another great thing for skinned knees and bruises is apricot oil.


  6. Thanks Pocket, will tell my sister about AV being good for cold sores because she suffers from them now and then.

    Apricot oil is very good for dry skin but never tried it on bruises. Wish I’d known before. I was messing with my little boy the other day in the kitchen and he tripped me up and I caught my arm on the side as I went down. I now have a huge hematoma on my arm. It looks awful. I’m glad its winter.


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