Earth Challenge Prize

Can’t believe I almost missed this one.  (Note to self: must keep up to date with the news). 

Richard Branson has offered a $25 million prize to anyone who comes up with the solution of removing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere.

That’s easy!  Send me the money now.  Getting rid of the big fat Virgin carbon footprint would be a great start….shall I go on?

Seriously though, stop investing so much in air and space travel Mr. Virgin person.  It’s going to take a bit more than $25 million to offset those huge air and space carbon footprints of yours.   

Methinks he is a contrary virgin. 

Source: Treehugger


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  1. Posted by Dave On Fire on February 13, 2007 at 2:47 pm

    Branston’s line, of course, is that him grounding his planes would do more harm for the environment than good. He says (truthfully enough, I think) that another company would pick up the slack faster than you could click your fingers – and that Virgin are more environmentally conscious than the vast majority of airlines.

    Where exactly space tourism is supposed to fit within that excuse, though, I don’t know. And I’d be astonished if Virgin wasn’t contributing to the industries general strategy of encouraging people to fly more frequently, further, and in more luxury.

    What I want to know is who decides which $25million idea gets the funding, based on what criteria, and how accountable will the decision making process be? Because I mean there are solutions and then there’s greenwash. The participation of Al Gore is encouraging, though.


  2. Hi Dave, thanks for visiting.

    There will be a panel of five judges all deciding between themselves who gets the prize. The panel will apparently include Dr. James Lovelock.

    The successful person gets part of the prize money upon winning and gets the rest after ten years (I think) if it has proved to have worked…ie…significantly reduced the greenhouse gases.

    I think Virgin very much DOES encourage more intensive flying.


  3. I tend to agree, Branson runs lots of companies which are in general quite anti-environment. It’s not good enough to say that if he didn’t do it, someone else would. There is a lot he could be doing which wouldn’t conflict with the need to make money. To me, this is PR gimmickry, something Branson is very good at.


  4. I agree MrZhisou.


  5. I agree with MrZhisou’s post. Everything has been studied and that’s why scientists have come up now with the warning of a planet bound to destruction. Hydrogen motors, the total suppression of carbon-producing devices, the use of bio-fuel, there are many ways.

    What is needed indeed is the general will to act and for the corporations to invest a large slice of their earnings in implementing the use of new resources. We, the public in general, were not informed of what would happen if we used the fuels we have been using so far.


  6. I agree with MrZhisou too. 😐


  7. I’m planning to claim the prize.

    Once I’ve quarrantined all narcissitic politicians, business consultants, think tank spokespersons, game show hosts & Sun reading black cab drivers, I shall have withdrawn all that hot air they spout from the general arena.

    ‘Come here Mr Blair, … that’s right, a nice cup of tea … just follow the ball of string through that door … yup, the one that says ‘solitary holiday’ …’ Niiicce.


  8. Lol. Good one. Yes, all the hot air coming from those mouths will reduce gases so much that global warming will be history.

    The prize is yours. Do I get a treat? None of that Body Shop’s White Musk though. It’s toxic dontcha know?


  9. A treat. Hmmm, let me see. How about a slow dance … with the music of your choice. All above board of course!! 🙂


  10. Now that would be a treat. I can think of some great msuic to slow dance to.


  11. Only trouble is, if it was Mr Richard Branson that was to offer you the slow dance prize he would probably be tempted to pick the song …’Like a Vigin’ 🙂


  12. oops! … ‘Like a Virgin’


  13. Lol.

    The thought of slow dancing with Richard Branson, whatever the song, is not a nice thought.


  14. I’d do it …for a fee 😉


  15. Sir,i want to participate in this competition


  16. Posted by Colin Hutchinson on March 27, 2007 at 1:51 pm

    If Power stations were required to fit the equivalent of a catalytic converter to the flu gas system then this would be a huge step forward. The loss in efficiency could be made up by district heating or similar energy saving schemes


  17. Posted by Colin Hutchinson on April 18, 2007 at 2:09 pm

    Where have all the bloggers gone? Is it something I said ?


  18. Hi Colin. I’m very sorry, I seem to have missed your comment there for some reason.

    It’s a valid suggestion. Catalytic reduction methods in gas flues are apparently very effective but are not very widely used. It would certainly be a step forward if they were made compulsory by legislation. At least until the fossil fuels run out or until a cleaner alternative is found.

    Cheers for that.


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