I’ve had this headache for about a thousand days now and I’m pretty sure it’s because I still need those new glasses.  Remember I wrote a while ago that my prescription had changed?  Probably not.   Well,  I still haven’t got my new glasses.  I shouldn’t really wear my specs all the time but apparently I’ve depended on them too much and the optician says that my eyes have become lazy.  And I now need varifocals too.  So she wrote a prescription of which the lenses will force my eyes to work harder…or something mad like that.   Cruel mare!  My eyes aren’t lazy.  They work extremely hard.  They’re always reading, writing, watching dvd’s, communicating with other people.  How much harder does she want them to work?

Anyway, my sore head…lying down alone for half an hour usually sorts it.  And if it’s really bad I put cold cucumber slices or teabags on my eyes and get high sniff on an essential oil of my choosing, depending on the mood.  But it’s half term and with the kids home there’s fat chance of sneaking two minutes alone, never mind thirty, so paracetamol is looking good right now.

Meditation used to work for me too but like I said, it’s half-term.  And I seem to have lost the art anyway.  How the heck does one meditate with a head full of junk?  (I used the ‘C’ word there but edited it…not even brave enough to swear on my own blog!).   Every time I try to clear my mind of clutter, random thoughts from god knows where just pop in there, continuously blocking my de-stressing efforts.

My friend FD gets up an hour early some mornings to meditate because she says it’s the quietest time, but that’s precious sleep time for me.  I find it hard enough to get up on time as it is.  Maybe I should make the effort though and try FD’s routine.  Even my dreams give me eye strain.

Blimey,* I’ve said all this before about meditation.  I’m repeating myself again.  What’s that a sign of?  Dementia?  Too young, surely.  I think it just means I’m a boring trout.

Anyway, I have some back-pay due at the end of this month which I was going to blow on some new Spring clothes but I guess I will have to make do with my old summer stuff and use the money wisely to buy the glasses.  There’s a bright side…when I get them, there’s a chance that the quality of my blogging will improve. 

  • btw…CRAP!  Crappetty crap is what my head was full of.  Not such a cowardly sort really.
  • *MrZhisou, if you read this…is blimey a questionable word to use?  Should I be worried?

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