Toxic Valentine


How much do you really love your loved one?



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  1. I don’t bother with silly things like Valentine’s Day – MrZ’s ladies know how they are loved – right EP?


  2. See, you don’t need a map to find your way to a woman’s heart do you MrZ.

    Valentine’s day is rather silly, I agree, especially when I don’t receive so much as a rose petal!!

    Really, nothing but commercialised materialism and the consumer is sucked in every year. The card shops and florists are the real winners. Romance shouldn’t be about spending loads of money on silly gimmicks. It’s the simple things – like a poem especially written. Or a romantic walk. Or a…..sigh.

    Oh Lordy. There’s no cure.


  3. Enjoying your posts earthpal, as well as your comments at Jose’s.
    Here’s to a good excuse for celebrating the one you love with a look and a sigh (and maybe – if I get off my ass – a nice home cooked meal)instead of a cheap marketing ploy that just stinks up the place!


  4. A card is enough for me. Should I flip it over and use it for my shopping list?


    Hubby knows all I would like is a card. I don’t want flowers, chocolates or a present.


  5. MLH, absolutely. Well said. Have a nice day with hubby.

    Loneranger, hi. Thanks for your comment. Yes, there’s nothing like having a nice meal lovingly prepared for you, with candles and wine. Or making a meal yourself for your loved one (if you can get off your ass…lol). πŸ™‚

    I’m loving your blog. Have a great day.


  6. A daily kiss and a hug during a whole life to the beloved one will be the best way to obviate the merchants’ greed.


  7. Jose’s right, you shouldn’t wait till the 14th Feb to show someone you love them.


  8. Can’t believe The Body Shop is selling poison! But then, they were taken over recently.

    As to V-day. Hmmm. It’s kids-day every day in our house!


  9. “As to V-day. Hmmm. It’s kids-day every day in our house!”

    Same here Matty.

    Yes, the white Musk one shocked me too. And it’s a favourite of mine. I get some every Christmas and birthday.


  10. Wot! Toxic earthpal. 😦


  11. I know!! I’m gutted!


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