Birthday Girl ~ a tribute

Today is my daughter’s birthday.   She is eleven.   A bittersweet day for her because this morning her dad went away with his work for a few weeks but I intend giving her lots of distracting treats.

Firstly, she is having her hair done in a proper salon.  Then we are taking some of her best friends (eight!!) our for pizzas.  Then all back to our house (with some of my friends too) for cake, fun and games…and wine for the grown-ups.

My daughter is a very warm and kind-hearted girl who has always possessed an uncanny sense of justice.  She loves life and she takes everything she can from life.  She cares deeply for people and animals and gets very distressed at any form of cruelty or suffering.  She has inherited her mother’s love for dancing and music but unlike me, her love of dance is actually being realised through the local dance school which she adores.  

She is a charming girl who takes a great interest in people and life.  And people and life take a great interest in her too.

Happy Birthday darling daughter.



11 responses to this post.

  1. From what you say I see that she is like her mother.

    I join you in wishing her all the best of this world.

    Happy birthday dear little Earthpal.


  2. Happy Birthday Earthielette! Have a wonderful day with your friends xxx


  3. Little earthpal … earthielette, hmmm … um, I know,
    Happy Birthday earthling! From we bloggers. 😉


  4. Here, here. Happy Birthday Earthling!

    Ah, a fellow aquarian. Mine was just four days ago.



  5. Oh Jeez! Don’t start her off with star signs… 🙄


  6. Lol @ MLH.

    Thanks guys. I’ll be sure to pass on your greetings. She had a great day.

    Yes she’s a little Aquarian. Her sister is too.

    Hope you had a good b/day Loneranger.


  7. Thanks a lot e.p. Glad to hear she had a great day. I did too, thanks!


  8. Happy Birthday, Daughter of Earthpal.


  9. Thank you very muchly.


  10. Posted by anticant on February 19, 2007 at 7:44 am

    Many more happy birthdays, Earthpal Maiden. All children are born into the world with an innate sense of justice. It is only when they encounter adult injustice and hypocrisy [“do as I say and not as I do”] that they become confused, resentful, rebellious, and sometimes anti-social.

    “Except ye become as little children…..”


  11. Very true Anticant. And I guess my little girl is no more special than any other child (except to her family of course).

    Children are, generally speaking, born selfish and need to be taught how to share and be fair. Whereas this always seems to come naturally to my daughter. Not so for my other two children. They needed training. And they still need reminding now and then.


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