Deletion Day!

delete_button.jpg  No, sorry folks.  Hard luck.  I’m not about to delete my blog, tempting though it is at times.  But I do think it’s about time I deleted all my 874 unopened emails and 312 opened emails from my hotmail account.  I also have 95 text messages on my mobile phone that I need to go through before I push delete and what’s more, I have 34 unpublished drafted articles in this blog taking up limited storage space

How do these things accumulate so quickly?  I guess I’m just not very organised in the cyber-tech department. 

My email inbox –  I have my junk filter set to medium but still the tosh gets through.  And I rarely dare to delete my emails until I’ve opened them.  So they remained unopened and undeleted in my inbox, taking up space for months and aggravating me every time I sign in because they show up as an unopened message, giving me a teeny temporary moment of excited anticipation. 

Well, I’m going to throw caution to the wind and ruthlessly delete them, unopened.  They’re mainly stupid chain emails (that I NEVER, EVER pass on so please take note), ot they’re jokes that I do appreciate but then forget about.  Or they’re employees trying to get you to subscribe to their online edition of Bloggers Weekly or something as equally stupid. 

[Incidentally, does anyone ever get those emails whereby some guy is telling you that he desperately needs to store a huge amount of money in your bank account and in return he’ll give you a handsome financial reward?  Oh and he needs your bank details of course.  Hmm.  I’d love to know if anyone has actually fallen for this type of scam.  What are they actually trying to accomplish?  Are they hoping to steal an identity or is just for the money?  If it’s for the money, they’ll be sorely disappointed with my bank account.  All that they would acquire from me is a grossly overdrawn account that sees the colour red once every blue moon].

Anyway, back to deletions…mobile phone texts –  I have this totally illogical and somewhat psychotic compulsion to keep all my text messages for months in case I ever need to refer to them in the future.  I also have this sad and mushy desire to hold on to messages that may have sentimental value, a bit like what we do with special cards and gift tags.  Why?  Why?

And as for the drafts held in limbo-land behind here – well they’re just written articles that I’ve never found the courage to publish and this post might well become one of them.

Something I must delete…before the copyright police get to me, is all the stolen google images I have posted here.  (Think I might definitely have to delete this sentence soon.  Shhhh…).

Anyway, my itchy finger is on the delete button. 

I wonder…is there a delete button for the ironing pile? 


4 responses to this post.

  1. Well, I use to read my mail twice a day and have no problems with it, perhaps because I am not so popular as you are, LOL.


  2. Lol. Not so popular. They’re mostly junk emails. I should set my filter higher but I daren’t in case I miss something.


  3. I have met someone who fell for one of those scams. In fact I was unaware of such scams til then. This person is a mum with three kids who moved to NZ from Switzerland. She needed money & replied to a scam fax asking it she could help move $30 million to a Swiss bank account. She would get a third or whatever it was. She made contact & eventually even flew to the UK from NZ! They kept asking for admin type money at a few $1000 a time. One such request was to buy some de-inking money in order to get the money through customs. Whatever. The end result was she wanted to believe it was all true but, eventually she realised something wasn’t right. She lost about £5000, I think it was! This lady believed in adventure, excitement, but was also incredibly naive.


  4. Poor woman.

    I got an email once from what was a very good imitation of the National Lottery. It told me I’d won part of a Euro-lottery bonus thing and it explained that I’d been automatically entered into this draw. Can’t remember how much I’d “won” but it was in the six-figures.

    I suppose it must be worth the effort for the scammers. They must hit lucky sooner or later..


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