Tories will bring back fox hunting

Spotted this on Stroppyblog.  

According to this quiet little report, the Tories will repeal the hunting ban law if they win the next general election.   I seem to remember knowing this at the time of the ban.

Well, if they do win, and it’s a huge if, then it won’t be an easy task.  It will be as controversial as the ban itself was.  And we will remember their chants of “hasn’t our government got anything more important to do than ban foxhunting?” 

Yes, we will use their own words against them and ask, “hasn’t our government anything more important to do than bring back foxhunting?


2 responses to this post.

  1. They are like children, Earthpal. They say – the Tories, they are centre but they prove they are conservative.


  2. True Jose.

    I have never trusted David Cameron from the moment he hit the limelight dressed in his cloak of social justice.


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