Beloved Bookshelf

I just uploaded this photo onto my flickr and when I clicked to save it, it had already recieved three views and a comment. How did that work?

Anyway, this is one of my bookshelves. I’ve read most of the books here, including that Bible – in its entirety!  But I have many more books around the house that remain thus far unread.

I really want to get through them which means some early nights with my books and peppermint tea.  Also, when I’m reading a good book I get pretty much obssessed about finishing it and I find it hard to put down till I reach the end.

I also feel that the quality of my blogging has gone downhill lately, so I need to refresh myself. I will give you a nudge when I’m back posting again, probaby with lots of book reviews. 🙂

Ta ta for now…xxx


9 responses to this post.

  1. Looking forward to it! Shame you are off, just as I had overcome my shyness of commenting here…


  2. When did you go to Panama?


  3. You are right, Earthpal, we should never leave reading, reading about anything always teaches us a lot of things, new thoughts and experience.


  4. Yellowduck, you don’t seem the shy type but I know what you mean…I’m the same with your blog. Thanks for visiting anyway. I love your blog. You make me smile.

    Matt, I’ve never been to Panama. My husband worked there a few years ago. Those two books there would be the ones I haven’t read. (Enjoy the rally today Matty. Shout out loud for us).

    Jose, you’re right, as always. I used to read all the time but I haven’t read a book for ages. Started one at last called…”When the angels Have Risen” but I’m finding it a bit boring. Will finish it though.

    Bye bye for now.


  5. You know how I feel about reading. I love curling up in bed with jasmine green tea (I drink peppermint but only when my tummy doesn’t feel too good). I love being so absorbed in a book that when I put it down it is 3am but then I always feel a little guilty. Enjoy your time away.


  6. > (Enjoy the rally today Matty. Shout out loud for us).

    It woz great earthpal! Sorry you couldn’t make it. Here’s some photos just for you & your fellow bloggers;

    Reporting from the front line 😉


  7. Hi earthpal,

    I know exactly what you mean. I’ve been getting so many ideas from references and quotes for new books to read since I started blogging around with all of you great bloggers. I know have to stop writing and start reading. Great pic. My wife and I are trying to constuct our house of bookshelves.
    Cheers to getting lost if a bookstore.


  8. errrrr! Here’s to getting lost IN a book store, and to reading NOW, you know?!!!

    Sorry. Note to self stop leaving comments after drinking too many beers. 😉


  9. Hi Loneranger. Can’t be as bad as my embarrassing little habit of revealing my soul to the world after just two glasses of wine.

    Good luck with your home-library.

    BTW, on the shelf above in that picture sits my most treasured book possession. It’s the full collection of Jane Austen’s work. All six novels, individual hardbacks in a lovely red case. My mother gave them me on my sixteenth birthday and I read them all straight away, one after the other. Not that you’d likely be interested in Jane Austen but just wanted to share that.

    Pocket, thanks. I like Jasmine green tea too. Green tea is a great antioxidant.


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