Post #767758800000. Or…why I didn’t like myself and the world today

 As is my traditional position, today I couldn’t face up to my work colleague about something we disagreed on.  In typical, sit-on-the-fence style I kept my opinions to myself…even nodding now and then, as if in agreement. 

So once again, I now find myself analysing every word, giving it a big story, going over the situation, agonising and beating up my cowardly, run-away-from-confrontation conscience for not saying what I really think.  And stuffing my face with a Lion Bar, a packet of those bubble crisps, some liquorice sweets and two large glasses of Frascati.

Self-bashing and comfort-binging at the same time and wondering which will reach it’s target first. 

And putting myself in an even worse mood – just by reading the news!

#What’s all this hullaballoo about Prince Harry going to Iraq?  Of course he shouldn’t have any special privileges.  And furthermore, which other soldier has family influence that can get to selectively choose whether their military-serving sons are put on the front-line or not? 

But the bottom line is no, he should not be going to serve in Iraq. 

For two reasons:

a).  the raving media will rampantly pursue him wherever he goes, perpetuating the already existing security nightmares and endangering the lives of Harry and all his colleagues.

and 2). None of our troops should be there, serving in an illegal war!

I do respect Harry for his determination to do what he feels is right and kudos etc. to him for that.  But to be “over the moon” about it is……a bit weird.

#And another bee in my thingy…

The Downing Street petition, signed by some 1.5 million moaning motorists. 

It’s been suggested by the anti-road pricers that this will be Labour’s  *poll-tax*.  People are so easily riled aren’t they, getting into a tizz over stuff they read in The Sun snoozepaper  [short and simple lesson number 1:  don’t rely on such crappy newspapers].

They claim that the motorist is being given a hard time…being criminalised at every turn.  Apparently, almost 1000,000 motorists are one penalty point off a driving ban, the implication being that speed cameras have caused this stat to be so high. [short and simple lesson number 2: don’t drive when you’ve been drinking alcohol, don’t use your mobile phone while driving and don’t drive over the speed limit then you won’t get points and fines.  It’s 30mph for a reason!]

If we separate the facts from the myths that are being spread – typically – by the sensation-seeking newspapers, namely The Sun who has predictably championed this anti-road price campaign and blown it into something huge, we will see that the cost of motoring has in fact gone down and public transport costs have risen in spite of Labour’s previous pledges to improve public transport and get people out of their cars.

Let’s remember, all these road-schemes… congestion charges, speed cameras, road-pricing are all supposedly intended to reduce our impact on the environment. 

#More nonsense…

Virgin Space Travel  I really don’t want to seem like a stick-in-the-mud.   I do like a bit of adventure myself.  And I’m all for advancement…der de der.  But Mr. Virgin, how wise is this?  Really?  In the face of such compelling evidence that climate change is mostly caused by human activity? 

Why does he love to contradict himself like this?

The tickets for these flights, including a training session, are costing a staggering £100,000.  Only the filthy rich are going to ever be able to go up there.  But…we are reassured that the costs will come down eventually.  Oh!  So, the filthy rich and the not-so-filthy-rich will be able to afford it.  Well that’s alright then.

Goodness , he’s never going to offset all those carbon footprints, no matter how much bribery money he throws in to shut us up about his polluting activities.  

It’s all a load of greenwash to me.

#And I see Tony Blair has declared his arrogant and blatant non-regret about his Iraq war decisions.  Just confirms what we all knew anyway.

#And on a personal note…

I can’t get anyone to look after my children this Saturday when I’m supposed to go to the anti-Trident rally in London!

And I’ve been asked to be a godmother for a friend’s baby who is being baptised next month which means I have to swear allegiance to someone’s God and promise to bring their child up in the family of the church.  Why am I being compromised so much these days?  I can’t fake anything!  I never could.  It’s the real deal or silence.  But in this case, my friend might just take the hump.  At either!

And was taking blood from a patient today who, for some reason that I was not aware of but felt privileged to accept, decided to offload her sad news onto me.  She told me she had just found out she only had one or two months to live.   Well, what’s there to say to someone who’s just had the rest of their life cancelled?  What was so strange and inspiring was that she was so calm and accepting of her situation.  Her strength actually made me feel better.  It was as if she, rather paradoxically, was trying to comfort me.   Reminds me of a friend who had breast cancer and every time I saw her, I didn’t get the chance to ask her how she was because she was too busy asking about me and my family and how we were getting on.  Some suggested it was a defence thing for her.  But I think she was trying to protect me from any discomfort.  Bless her.


Why is life so complicated?


7 responses to this post.

  1. Well, Earthpal, life isn’t so complicated, we complicate it by not appreciating the subtle diference. If we could we should correct everything that doesn’t adapt to our criteria, it happens to you to me, to everybody much that they intend to wear a poker mask on to mislead us.

    If you let off steam you feel better. If you sleep on it you’ll also feel better.

    It looks like life has changed when we open our eyes in the morning.

    A new day, a new life, new purposes, but the same thing all over again.

    One ends up by asking oneself why one is here.


  2. Wise words Jose.

    I really shouldn’t try to do that Bridget Jones thing. This is possibly the worst post I’ve written here. Time for me to give up I think Jose, sweet friend.

    I must post another first though because a blogger once said somewhere that your blog is only as good as your most recent post and I think it’s true. Most random readers will only scroll down so far. So I can’t have this one staying at the top of the page.


  3. Letting off steam is good. Rage with this;



  4. Thanks Matty. Awesome video there. Stirred up a million emotions in me. I love that song too. The words, “Save me from myself” couldn’t be more apt for those images.

    I wonder if our planet, Mother Nature can protect herself from us. But aren’t we supposed to be a vital part of the system of nature? I’m sure we must be aliens who landed here gazillions of years ago because surely, if we are a natural part of the Earth’s eco-system, why are we fighting against it? Taking care of “our own” should come naturally to us.


  5. Oh we’re definitely Aliens 🙂


  6. Hang in there, Earth Pal. I’m looking forward to those book reviews.


  7. Thanks Helen. Will do.


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