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anna-n-josh040.jpg    Well, I’ve only managed to read two books so far and I’m thinking I should pen out a quick blog because I’m getting nervous that you guys will forget about me.  My stats have halved these last few days and I’m not even getting spammed much now!!

Anyway, my two books:

When The Angels Have Risen by Andrew Feder:  I was drawn to this book because any story that involves a US President called Halliburton and that spoke of revolts by the American people against the corrupt government and the Christian Right, has to be worth reading.  This, along with biblical prophecies, aliens, angels and promises of a new order of peace led me to imagine a great and wonderful downfall of the oil giants, the end to corporate and governmental (same thing!) corruption and the final wondrous uprising of a real saviour of the world……

Well it did give all that.  But it was only ok.  And the two main characters got on my nerves.  A lot.  They became too familiar with each other too soon in my view.  And I mean very familiar.  We were given joking banter about ‘wet dreams’ and ‘dying little Fletchers running down my leg’ almost from the starting block.  I’m no prude – trust me.  But I do like the romantic element in a story to build up gently or elusively…will they or won’t they kind of thing.   Maybe I’ve read Jane Austen too many times but then, you can’t read Jane Austen too many times.  Anyway, I’ve also read and loved many of Jackie Collins novels so it’s not that.  It just didn’t seem right at the time.

Next book:

The Battersea Park Road to Enlightment by Isabella Losada:  I read this book last year on holiday and I know it seems totally illogical to re-read a book when I have so many unread books to get through, but this book made me laugh so much and is so pleasant and funny and touching and…well I needed some uplifting and the Angels book didn’t do it for me.  I also remember when I was reading it the first time that I promised myself that I’d read it again when I had more peace and quiet from the kids. 

Anyway, I loved it just as much and found things in it that I’d missed the first time so it was worth the return.  Yes, highly recommended.  It’s written in first hand and I fell for the writer so much.  In fact, I wished I was her.  Brilliantly written.  Very clever and very witty and very moving. 


And my next three books are Love in a Blue Line by Hanif Kureishi which I have a tiny feeling that I’ve read before.  Obviously couldn’t have made much of an impact so if I do come to recognise it I probably won’t bother going any further with it. 

The Age of Consent by George Monbiot.  No need to elaborate much on this except to say I’ve had this book for about three years and can’t believe I’m only just getting round to reading it.

The third book is called White Teeth by Sadie Smith which I’ve already started.  Was a bit slow to start but it’s a long book and I always remember my old English teacher telling us we should give a book at least twenty pages before giving up on it.  I’ve got to page 58 and I’m really into it now.

Will be back soon with more book thoughts.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I’m reading this at the moment;

    Can’t get into it. Do you ever leave books out in the open? i.e. Bookcross? Think I might go Bookcross hunting this weekend for some holiday books!


  2. You never know with all those books and at the rate you are going you could soon have your own book review blog. 😉


  3. MissL, yes, I’ve heard of the Bookcrossing thing but I haven’t taken part. Like I said before in my Book Amnesty post, I have a dirty little double-standard about book sharing. I just don’t like parting with my favourite books.

    The book you’re reading now has received some good reviews on that Amazon link.

    Pocket, lol. I think I’ll leave the specialist book review blogs to those who do it…yourself! I love reading your reviews. I just ramble on about books I’ve read. You do it with expertise.


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