A day in the life of…

 ….well, just me actually.   What a let down huh?  Never mind, I’m going to indulge myself anyway for no better reason than because it’s a full moon and I’m feeling that way out. 

clock-1.jpg  So here goes – and if all gets too pointless, both of you please feel free to click ‘next blog’ in search of some rather more stimulating reading:

7.35:  Woke up very late for work.

8.10:  Car struggled to wake up.

8.50:  Took a blood sample from the wrong patient, then when I rectified the situation, I threw the damn sample away by mistake and had to start again.

9.50:  Went all blushy and sweaty when the on-call surgeon told me it was so nice to see a pretty smiling face on the ward.  I suppose he could have been talking about the young nurse behind me but I’m having none of that. 

11.30:  Got home from work to a hallway full of spilled cornflakes and all my clean tea-towels trying to cover up the mess.

11.50:  Had a humongous fight with eldest daughter over spilt cornflakes.  Amazing how such trivial things can cause the biggest of rows.  She screams at me that she wishes I’d leave home!  Trust me…I’m packing as we speak!  But really, at what moment is it that they turn from sweet little angels who hang onto your every word into one-syllabled, bad-tempered haters-of-the-world who blame mum for everything that they don’t like about their own life?  Oh, and I swore at her so now I have guilt to deal with too.  And have you ever tried cleaning up soggy cornflakes?  They stick to everything that touches them and get stuck between all your fingers.  It would be better to leave them until they’ve dried up but they need shifting out of the way quickly in order to get the milk cleaned up because spilt milk is not pleasant at all.  Anyway, hater-of-the-world made a feeble attempt at cleaning up the mess but of course I had to then go over it again properly.

13.45:  Lost track of time as a result of said humongous fight/spilt cornflakes until I got a phone call from a timid voice  saying…”Mummy, when are you picking me up from dance?  Everyone’s gone.” 

13.45.30:  Almost crashed the car – twice – while speeding down the hill to collect timid voice.

14.10:  Spent thirty minutes of delicate damage-limitation talks with timid voice who claims she has middle-child syndrome.  And just to burden my guilt even further she does have a point.  She’s so placid and uncomplaining that my eldest child, hater-of-the-world and my youngest child, big-softy-rugby-player, seem to grab most of my attention.  Anyway, being the content and sweet child that middle-child is, she soon forgot that I forgot her and she went off to lose herself in Nintedo DS land.  I do wonder what future hang-ups she’ll have over this…

15.00:  Ruined hater-of-the-world’s favourite top in the wash by putting it with some coloureds. Not the first time I’ve done this.  Now I really must finish packing those bags before she finds out.

16.00:  Broke a nail.  Just kidding.  Stood on a rented DVD* and cracked it. 

18.00:  Returned cracked DVD to video shop (why do we still call them video shops?) and slyly placed it on the counter while the girl had her back turned, then scuttled off before she spotted me.  I know I won’t get away with it and I’m expecting a phone call any time now but I just couldn’t be bothered with the explanations and humble apologies.  Told you – full moon and all that.

18.45:  Boogied with my kids to some mad, loosen-up music while we waited for our Indian take-away to warm up. 

20.30:  Snuggled up to my little boy in his bed while he told me about the dream he had last night.  Said a T-Rex grabbed him and locked him in his cage but a giant pig let him out.  The fact that we’d been watching Chicken Little which has a huge pig in it, might have had some influence.

20.55:  Read three chapters of my book with two glasses of wine to keep me going.

Now:  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……….


*Little Miss Sunshine.  Watched it last night.  Loved it.  Incidentally, I find that whole beauty pageant thing that they do in the States really disturbing.  Little girls with make-up caked on their faces and inappropriate hair styles, parading on stage in front of all kinds of dubious characters.  It’s just wrong.  On so many levels.

And if you haven’t seen the LMS movie and you’re wondering what relevance it has to beauty pageants, click here.


5 responses to this post.

  1. I had a really weird Fri/Sat. It was almost scary! Trying to do boring stuff like shopping turned into a cowboys & indians saga. Even had the cops behind me flashing their lights at one point. Don’t know what they wanted. Did they see me use my mobile … oops. Was it the orange-to-red light I went through?! Don’t know but, I expect points & fines. Everything’s on film in the UK these days. George Orwell would be most impressed, as would the Chinese Communist Party. And Sat I got an f-ing parking ticket. ‘Excuse me ticket man but it says I don’t have to pay after 5pm’. ‘Yes, sir, but this area is now a Clearway’. ‘What! Oh fcuk’

    24hrs to no-where!


  2. Hi. Is this a typical day for?
    I can actually relate to it. I have a motto: ‘If you think you’re under control then you’ve forgotten something’.
    (But enjoy the delusion while it lasts).


  3. Hi Bindi. I love your motto.

    It’s very comforting to know that other families can be just as dysfunctional as mine. In fact, I think occassional family dysfunction is a normal part of the function of a healthy family.

    Matty, sorry to hear about your 24 hours of hassle. Hope your Sunday was much more pleasant. And good luck with the (possible) fines. Yep, it’s all cctv these days.


  4. I agree (with your suggestion that a measure of chaos is healthy in family life)!

    A message for control freaks: Don’t go there!


  5. Absolutely Bindi. 🙂


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