Monbiot on Blair’s Greenwash

green.jpg  George Monbiot wrote this article in yesterday’s Guardian.   He says that our government is “wildy optimistic” about achieving it’s emission reduction targets. 

It would appear that, and there really are no surprises here, Labour’s empassioned promises of being world leaders on climate change action are just spin and more spin in an attempt to dupe us into trusting them.  More lip-service and empty gestures.  Telling us what we want to hear in order to shut us up and win in the popularity stakes.

Unfortunately, I missed tonight’s Dispatches programme that he was involved in but Monbiot commissioned a team of scientists to conduct a peer-reviewed audit of the government’s planned reduction targets.  Dispatches reported that….

“The reasons for these failures of policy are due to the current voluntary nature of most of the policy. Where policies are mandatory there is currently no enforcement. If current policies were mandatory and new more prescriptive future policies were developed then the Audit believes the UK could still make significant cuts in its greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, thus providing world leadership in combating climate change.”

This is what I’ve been banging on about many a time in here…that voluntary participation is never going to work.  We need legislation – however unpopular it may be – that is persistently monitored and enforced.  We just won’t make the neccessary changes voluntarily at any level, be it governmental, corporate, public or personal.


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  1. To get that legislation, Earthpal, I’m afraid it should be “us” who must elect our politicians. So far they have been funded by people too much interested in their businesses.


  2. Was at a community meeting last night chaired by a councillor. Appalling it was. Don’t know why I bothered. The so-called communication with members of the public was so controlled as to make ‘local democracy’ a farce. So, like Jose I don’t really hold out a lot of hope for changes coming from our politicians. Maybe from the EU but, there also, the problem is one of IMPLEMENTATION!!


  3. Yes, I agree with you both about the politicians. Its very disheartening.


  4. Re: The EU. Unfortunately the wise old men of the EU are too busy wasting their time translating the documentation into languages nobody uses (such as Gaelic), and moving the whole circus to Stuttgart and back once a year, to get any actual work done or decisions decided.

    I’m not sure of the solution to save our asses, but unless most of it comes from the top, I’m afraid we’re largely screwed.


  5. O … K.


  6. OK, regarding my previous comment – it appears the EU could get something together, as seen in the media today. A 20% cut isn’t to be sneezed at, but is rather less than required. Still though, it’s better than a slap in the face with a wet fish…


  7. Clearly you’ve never been slapped in the face with a wet fish then. 😉 Lol.

    Hi Paddy, thanks for your views. Yes, it
    seems they’ve agreed *in principle* to a 20% cut by 2020.

    I’ve just been reading about Angela Merkel’s global “Gold Standard”…,72911-0.html?tw=wn_index_11


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