I was pottering around my bedroom this morning, putting clothes away and tidying round when my eleven-year-old started calling me to go downstairs.

After a few replies of  “what is it?  I’m busy”  and “won’t be a minute” I gave in with a sigh and went down.

The table was pleasantly set for one.  There was a hot crumpet with butter oozing from the bottom – just how I like it.  And a bowl of cornflakes, a cup of coffee and a jug of fresh orange.

There you go mum.  Sit down.”

Not only did she prepare everything but she waited on me, refilling my glass and taking away my dishes as I finished.

Hmm…what’s she after??  Nothing actually.  She does this kind of thing a lot.

Like I said, priceless.


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  1. Indeed it is! Keep that jewel you have home wrapped in cotton, Earthpal. Not everybody can say what you do.


  2. Thanks Jose. You’re really kind.


  3. You’ve got to let me in on the secret. How do I get my two-year old to do that?


  4. Morning MrD.

    I’ve no answers. She’s just like that. My other daughter wouldn’t dream of even making me a cup of tea voluntarily but Anna just does sweet things all the time.

    I’m hoping she’s washing up all the breakfast things while I’m hiding here. Shhh…lol.


  5. *Whispers* I must confess that for some reason mine freaks out the moment she sees me without house slippers on. She’ll bring me them no matter what. She also brings me my glasses in the morning. I feel so bad about this. I don’t know where she has it from.


  6. Indulge her and make the most. She’s just making a fuss of her daddy. Children are comforted by routine and clearly she’s observed your routine so when you don’t abide by it, she feels she should help you.

    Truly sweet.


  7. That is sweet. I understand her. Sometimes I just like to go out of my way to make other people feel special. The pay off is feeling good that you have done something nice for someone and they appreciate it. It is a shame there aren’t more people like that, the world would be a nicer place.


  8. Thanks Pocket. You do strike me as being the type who likes to make people feel speical.

    You even do it here with your comments.

    Yes, t’would be a much better place if there were more lovelies like you…and my daughter.


  9. What a beautiful soul.


  10. Thanks Bindi. I think so too.

    And of course, every parent thinks the same way about their children.

    She is very thoughtful though.


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