Blair gets his toy

Thanks to the opposition who failed to oppose.

All the newspapers and the politicians are exploiting the serious divisions within the Labour party but the result is just the same. They got their bomb.  Nigel Griffiths, who resigned over this, is calling for Gordon Brown to turn this around when he inherits Number 10 but there’s fat chance of Brown making a U-turn on this because he’s already done that.  He was opposed to Trident once upon a moonshine, saying that the Trident programme was…”unacceptably expensive, economically wasteful and militarily unsound.”  And he also acknowledged that the retention and replacement of Trident would be against British treaty obligations.

And the oh-so-fickle Tony Blair said when campaigning for our vote that…”Labour is the only party pledged to end the nuclear madness.”

It’s ironic that this country should lead the way on world poverty and climate change action yet pour billions of pounds of our money into a dirty weapon of such massive destruction. 

It’s just a power and status thing.  That and the continuing policy of unquestioning loyalty to America.

And they’ll all continue to hold moral authority over Iran about the nuclear issue.


7 responses to this post.

  1. Bollocks!

    Bring back Guy Fawkes2 (no not the movie). This government simply doesn’t listen no more. It’s not fair. Hmmm. I’m going off to sit in a dark room.


  2. This move by Blair knowing that it was going to be voted against by his own party, equals to betrayal of Labour principles and democracy. If he were honest he would resign rightaway.

    He’s showing every day more and more that he is nothing but a puppet of Bush’s administration, or perhaps any American administration.


  3. Matt, don’t stay in the dark room for long. We need you.

    Jose, yes, he is a million miles away from the real core socialist values that he once valued.


  4. I think Blair has actually taken the global warming message to heart, and has realised that big and dangerous weapons will be required on the future Earth.

    It’s a pity he couldn’t put that cash into trying to halt the damage instead…


  5. How come it is alright for some countries to have massively destructive weapons but not others. How about nobody at all. That would make the world slightly safer and less need for countries to arm themselves. It is just little boys with their big toys…kinda pathetic.


  6. Indeed, thepocket, you are right there. But who’ll bell the cat? I’m afraid all those conversations in the Non Proliferation Treaty have just served to dispose of that material that was valueless, which on the other hand has contributed to also contaminate our oceans.


  7. […] | None of my business. You want to have a nuclear deterrent against France, you can have one. But I’m with earthpal on this one. Boys and their big […]


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