Iraq – four years on.

Peace begins with saying sorry.
Peace begins with not hurting others.
Peace begins with honesty and trust.
Peace begins with showing cooperation and respect.
World Peace Begins With ME!

Halley Hall
D.W. Babcock Elementary School
Sacramento, California

Here’s just a little reminder that next Tuesday, the 20th of March it will be four years since the…”illegal, immoral invasion and occupation of Iraq” began. 

Four years on and no justification for the war has been found.  Four years on and Bush and Blair, in a state of perpetual denial, continue to defend their actions.  Four years of chronic deterioration.  Four years of increased terror.  Four years of death, destruction and suffering. 

Basic essential services have all but crumbled, civilian and military casualty rates continue to rise and civilians continue to live in a state of fear and anxiety.  Middle Eastern instability has increased and the world really isn’t any safer in spite of Bush’s flowered view.  

In short, a catastrophic failure.

George Bush wants to increase troops and Blair thinks this is a good idea.  And both of the leaders feel that the invasion has given them permission to restrict our civil liberties.  And both leaders continue to spout their lying excuses.

  The Stop the War Coalition are holding a People’s Assembly on the day at 2pm till 8pm at Central Hall Westminster.


Peace vigil’s will also be held across the country in the days leading to the anniversary but if you can’t make it to any of them you could simply light a candle in your window as an outward sign of your opposition to the war and your desire for peace.

Some lovely peace poems here.

And another lovely one by Helen here.


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  1. Thank you for the pingback.


  2. You’re welcome Helen.


  3. Bush and Blair will never repent. Aznar the former Spanish Prime Minister who made part of the Azores group with Bush and Blair, was voted out because of his behaviour before and during the invasion and also on the sad occasion of the Madrid train bombings.

    Well, he has never repented of his decision or his behaviour notwithstanding.


  4. Absolutely Jose. The Sanish people spoke at those ’04 elections. And what annoyed me so much about it was that pro-war Bushites accused them of handing the terrorists a victory but they totally disregarded the fact that most of the Spanish citizens were already against the war before it started.

    I agree Jose, I’m not expecting any repentance from the two killer B’s.


  5. Hi,

    Killer B’s, that’s wicked earthpal! We’ll be partaking in the solidarity assemblies here in Halifax. I really like the idea of the candles in the windows too. Our windows will be full. The Californian child’s poem at the top of your post is simply beautiful. It’s cliche to say that a child’s mind expresses the honest truth but worth saying again and again here. The killer b’s could learn so much from this child.


  6. Hey Loneranger. Nice to hear some similar sentiment to mine.

    Yes, the poem is simplistically beautiful. We would be wise to listen more to our children.

    Peace to you too.

    And thanks, btw, for letting Earthdaughter use your pics for pc wallpaper. She coo’s and ahh’s every time she switches it on now. They are very lovely though.


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