Two things…

First, I think I lost my job today.  Nothing official as yet but today’s monthly trust board meeting as good as decided that we are a luxury that the NHS can no longer afford.

If the Trust gets rid of the Phlebotomy team, they will save a staggering £95,000 pa.  Whoopy doo!  One top management post will save that too and trust me, those top management posts are gratuitously abundant, but will they listen?  No.  The junior docs can do the bloods so we are not an essential service.  At face value, that is correct.  But there will be an impact…on many levels, including financial and more importantly, patient welfare, but I’m in no mind to go into all that crappery right now and it’s boring anyway for anyone outside my mind the profession.

The trust has to re-deploy us.  But the Trust’s strategy is quite cunning and calculated.  We basically get two offers and if we aren’t happy, we walk.  So all is seen to be above board and legit.  Which it is.  They aren’t required to compensate because they have kept within the boundaries of the contract. 

But when one has trained to do a certain job and has invested much personal effort into that training, to be then placed in a job that has no relevance towards that investment and requires a big change in family/work circumstances, demoralisation and feelings of being under-valued soon take root. 

I could go back to nursing.  But because I have been out of nursing for so long, I would have to complete a “return to nursing” course and I highly doubt that any such courses are being funded right now, for two reasons: the first being the financial pickle that the Trust is in and secondly, most of our hospital nursing posts are being thrown into a pot of which the nurses have to reapply for their jobs.  And unfortunately, there are more nurses than posts so I doubt there will be any recruitment drives going on right now.

I really like my job.  I loved nursing but I found it extremely hard to manage the rota system with three children and a husband who works away from home a lot.  Community nursing would be more flexible but I am drawn to the hospital environment and the thought of driving around in my car on visits etc. is not in the least bit appealing.  I am already in and out of my car more times a day than I care to seriously consider with all the kids after-school activities etc..  So I’m convinced that driving around all day visiting patients in the community would give me a serious psychiatric disorder (or would perpetuate any existing disorders I may or may not have, depending on which way you look at it, and trust me, when you read part two of this rambling drivel you won’t be in much doubt as to my current state of mental health). 

So anyway – my current job.  It’s perfect for my circumstances.  And me and my colleagues have all bonded so well.  We are a great team.  We bounce off each other and we dump on each other when we have problems.  The walls in our staff room have been known to actually blush at some of our… ahem…chats. 

So, as you can imagine, I would hate for us all to be seperated and you’ll no doubt excuse me while I indulge for a second or two and shout out loud that I’m feeling extremely Pissed Off! right now. 

But hey ho.  Nothing that two large glasses of Amarula and a box of Ferrero Rocher can’t handle.  Amarula has got to be the ultimate comfort drink. 

Anyway – onto my next “thing”.   And I’m really not sure about the wiseness, or otherwise, of revealing this but for the past few months I’ve been having a recurring dream.  I don’t have it every night.  It happens perhaps once or twice a week – most weeks.  I dream that I can move objects with my mind. (Are you still with me?  I did warn you in the first “thing”)   In these dreams, I am willing objects to move.  When I first started having them, it was very hard to achieve but I felt a burning need to succeed.  Now I can do it with very little effort.   

Pretty weird you think?  Well I have no control over what I dream about!  Have you?

It’s written that Jesus said faith can move mountains and I’ve no doubt that the power of the mind can do astonishing things but I’m not so sure about this telekinesis thing.  If I haven’t witnessed something with my own eyes, I just can’t fully accept it.  And I’ve never seen anyone,  not even the very strange Uri, move an object with mind-power.

I am looking at my glass right now and thinking…should I try?  And feeling slightly freaked out that I’m even contemplating it. 

But the things is, it’s not like my night-time power has any useful function.  I haven’t yet found a way to utilise it to my advantage.

But I will work on it.  And on that thought, I’m off to bed to see if I can shift that humongous pile of ironing.


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  1. Telekinesis

    To dream that you are telekinetic, represents a higher level of awareness and consciousness. You are not utilizing your full potential and need to start putting your stored energy levels and mental abilities to use. In other words, your dream may imply that you need to put your thoughts into action. For some, dreams of telekinetic powers may indicate your latent paranormal abilities.


  2. By the way, I wrote all that without touching the keyboard. Heh heh.

    Thanks MissyL.


  3. Hey! I posted that without even touching the keyboard!

    Freaky! 😯


  4. Delete now!!!!


  5. Lol, no way. Beat you to it. Now I am funny and witty and clever.


  6. MissyL, no messages of support regarding my employment predicament?

    You don’t care very muchly then that I’m about to be joining the dole queue?


  7. As if *I* care what goes on over there. I’m happy here in this country. Don’t like it? MOVE!


  8. Ok. Will move in tomorrow. But I want my own room.


  9. We have a shed. Bring a blanket….


  10. I guess you’ve had some idea for the past few weeks that the Trust’s review was going on. No doubt you’ve discussed the possibility with your colleagues that your service might fall victim to cost savings. Your dream could therefore translate to your determination to accept and face impending change and better still, to have the strength to carry it off … in short; to change jobs before they change it for you.

    Good luck. Keep us posted here in cyberspace. 🙂


  11. Hey good thinking Matt. I hadn’t even connected the two. Thanks for the good luck wishes.

    Yesterday’s meeting was supposed to bring about a final decision but the panel were thrown off-balance by the three hundred++ signature petition that was presented to them in support of the service and signed by consultants, anesthetists, HSO’s, junior doc’s, nurses….

    If it could save the NHS money then I would say fair enough, I’ll find something else and I do realise the NHS doesn’t exist for my convenience. But there are wider implications that may be costly and detrimental to the patient yet the trust managers want a quick fix. Short termism as usual.


  12. Great to hear about the petition. If they’re seen not to listen they’ll be accused of arrogance. Mind you, there’s a lot of that going on in management/government circles at the moment.

    There is a lot of short termism about. Also robbing Peter to pay Paul. See it in Education all the time. It’s pathetic really; who do they think they are trying to kid!


  13. Oh, and if they don’t listen you can always threaten to try out your glass flying tricks on them. That should spook ’em. 🙂


  14. And here’s that picture link from The Coffee House;



  15. Lol Matty. Great idea – use my night-time powers to threaten them, just like in the film Matilda…

    Seriously though, thanks for the support Matt. 🙂

    And thanks for that picture. T’is so sweet. Looks like a little keyring.


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