Spring Equinox


Because I’ve been frantically trying to get my car fixed today (with no luck) and because I found out that my geography of England is dire, I’ve only just realised that today is the Spring Equinox. 

So here’s my usual seasonal message to all my blogging friends….

(actually cheated and C&P’ed last year’s message because I’m tired and it’s late and I am going to be woefully depressed all day tomorrow because tomorrow evening has been totally fooked up by my stupid car)

This week is the time of the Spring Equinox. Along with the Autumn Equinox, it’s the only time of the year when daylight and darkness are of equal length. ‘Tis believed to be a sign of new hope, rebirth and balance…a time when days are longer, the sun is warmer and new life is born. This turn of season festival has been celebrated throughout history by pagans, druids, celts, traditional religions and all types of cultures. It’s believed in folklore that the Green Man was born of Mother Earth and they are god and goddess of new seeds and fertility. It’s seen as a time to spring clean our homes and our lives…to get rid of all the negativity that has gathered in our lives through the Winter. Easier said than done.

Methinks it doesn’t feel much like Spring though! It’s flippin’ freezing! Hurry up Mr. Green Man and Lady Earth Mother – do your thing. Get planting and fertilising. Get that sun warmer so we can shed our layers and open our windows…throw the kids out into the garden all day…get the barbecues going…lie in our loungers listening to music and drinking beer…rushing inside to dodge the endless Summer showers…

Anyhoo, whatever your spiritual beliefs or life ethos, a blessed, merry and peaceful Springtide is wished for. Let’s hope our ethically-challenged world leaders are reborn too.

“The force that through the green fuse drives the flower
Drives my green age”

Dylan Thomas


11 responses to this post.

  1. Why do I get the impression you were ‘high’ on something when you posted this?


  2. It’s not cold EP, you just live in the wrong place.


  3. […] many bloggers are feeling the feel-good-feeling! Over in Scorched Earth, Earthie has gone a bit bonkers! But seeing buds on my plants really does make me feel like Summer is on the […]


  4. MissL, ya cheeky trout. I haven’t gone a bit bonkers. I’ve always been a lot bonkers.

    Hey MrZ, any warm location reccy’s hon?

    I’ve been called strange and bonkers in one day. Things are looking up for me.


  5. Hi Earthpal,

    Happy Spring to you too. It’s also the Persian New Year. The equinox and solstice are the true holidays are they not? Mimi’s birthday is on the winter solstice, always a special day. She usually gets a ‘moon pie’ as a treat (moon pie = a little chocolate lardy pie in the shape of a half moon). Better than a chocolate bunny I think.
    It’s pretty chilly here in Halifax too, snow yesterday. Sure not feeling like spring yet. I enjoy living in a latitude where I can experience the seasons changing, the Gulf of Mexico or the Mediterranean would be nice for a while but I rather like the experience of surviving the cold and celebrating the warmth and rebirth.

    Who am I kidding, the Gulf and Med. would be great all the time.


  6. I read ‘Under Milk Wood’ and fell asleep in the process….


  7. Thanks Loneranger. I love the idea of a chocolate moon-pie.

    I love all the seasons too. There’s beauty to be found in them all.

    Under Milk Wood – very boring for me as a teenager but love it now.


  8. Might give it another go. I finished ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ today. Have you read it yet?


  9. And, of all places, here it’s been snowing profusely, it’s cool for the Spring, rather cold I’d say. Equinoxes are kidding us I bet. Everybody and eerything are kidding us as far as weather is concerned.

    On top of that I’m having problems with my server. A serious breakdown in the network which I hope will be fixed up soon. Cross my fingers.

    Happy weekend all.


  10. Thanks Jose, you too. Hope the weather has improved for you. It’s been lovely here if still a little cold.

    Good luck with the network problems. Very frustrating.


  11. Well it seems this has been fixed up and my PC speed is good again.


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