Fur Coat and No….Scruples

naomi-again.jpg  Here is Naomi Campbell turning out for her community service.  Note the fur coat.

NC was ordered to do a week of community service and a two-day anger-management course for throwing a mobile phone at her maid, causing an injury to her head which needed four stitches.

Her obligations apparently include work such as scrubbing floors at a Manhattan sanitation department.  Now, normally, nothing works quite so well as being made to get down on ones hands and knees and scrub floors in order to experience self-effacing lessons in humility and pride.

But oh no.  None of that deep, humbling soul-searching from our dear luscious-lipped, publicity-seeking, short-fused, arrogant glamour-puss that is Naomi.  If rumours are to be trusted, she is unscrupulously exploiting her situation by having photographers follow her around documenting stuff while she carries out her penance – photos which will no doubt end up in a glamorous magazine spread.

She has apparently also said that she will auction all the clothes she has worn whilst mopping said floors and the money raised will be donated to a children’s charity.  Who the hell would want to buy clothes that have been worn while scrubbing the floors of a sanitation department?  

As for the fur coat, well that’s just wrong.


7 responses to this post.

  1. Is it real fur?


  2. Possum fur maybe?


  3. Not sure if it’s real fur Bindi but it looks very real and I would guess that it is, given her love for fur.

    She supported the animal-rights group PETA for a wee while but then modelled fur at a fashion show and recanted her anti-fur comments saying that she was mistaken in her involvement with PETA.

    The fact that fashion fur is enjoying a bit of a revival might have something to do with her fickle change of heart.


  4. Who cares? She’s a crackpot.


  5. And to think that she’s earning lots of money because people read of her inverted snobbery. She gives herself airs and pretends she is “somebody”.

    I’m afraid she is not.


  6. Hi Jose…yes, she is a very arrogant woman who needs to get over herself.


  7. Possums care if it is real or not… 🙂

    But, I agree with everyones summary of her character – she’s a brat!


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