Peter Kay…and Bobby Davro

Peter Kay is a comic genius.  I just cannot stop watching this. 

I love the original song and was initially worried that they’d kill it, even though it isn’t meant to be taken seriously and is indeed for a good cause.  But I laughed my barefooted socks off all the way through. 

I cracked up at the bit where Peter Kay spotted Bobby Davro in the crowd and it’s now a sorry fact that all my friends, family and loved ones are totally fessed off by my constant pointing at random people and shouting “Bobby Davro“.

And check out the manic dancing by the aptly named Mad Lizzie – hyper-Keep-Fit goddess of the eighties.   What is that all about?   Comforting to know she’s as mad as ever.  (At least I think it’s her.  There was that awful Green Goddess around at the same time.  But it matters not because both of them equally make me cringe.  I think it’s the velour tracksuits and the bright pink lycra footless-tights with Fame-style leg-warmers and the tightly permed hair.  And the fact that they would be in-your-face first thing in the morning with their irritating enthusiasm when all you wanted to do was slouch around drinking coffee).

And whatever you might think of the bizarre set-up that is The Krankies, I do find myself sordidly fascinated by the boy/girl/woman (?) dancing on the table at the end, though I do try, unsuccessfully, not to laugh because it’s just wrong.

Apparently, David Beckham is in the crowd somewhere but I haven’t spotted him thus far.  Ho hum.  It’s not like I care.

The video can be downloaded from iTunes for a small fee which will be donated to Comic Relief.  Not quite sure how that works when it’s available to pilfer from YouTube but I did donate on the night anyway so my scruples remain intact……don’t they?  I guess not.  Sigh. Ok.   Off to the iTunes store now so I can sleep comfortably tonight.

And I like The Proclaimers.  There, I said it.  Out of the closet.  Now I can move forward.

Great stuff.


4 responses to this post.

  1. We all watched this here on your blog and had a good laugh. I never even noticed the Bobby Davro thing! Brilliant!!!


  2. Thanks chux.

    Love to all over there…xxxx


  3. I Love The Proclaimers. I grew up with them. My sister got into huge trouble when she ripped the inside out of my mums Proclaimers cassette.

    I also love Little Britian, it is so funny, Lou and Andy have almost become cult figures, even in Australia.


  4. Hi Pocket. I once did that with a cassette that was a favourite of my dad’s. I think it was a Nat King Cole one. I also got into awful trouble. Funny what we remember, isn’t it.


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