Everybody needs somebody

Yes, they do.  But that’s not what I’m on about.  

blues-bros.jpg  Everywhere I went yesterday, I heard the Wilson Pickett song – Everybody Needs Somebody to Love.  It was on the radio – twice.  And it was playing at my local grocery store when I was shopping there.  Then, when I went to the dvd shop to return a dvd, it was playing there too.  Has it been re-released perhaps?

It reminded me of the brilliant movie, The Blues Brothers.  The movie is an all-time favourite of my husband’s but it has also been taking me back to when me and my best friend’s husband shared a mutual love for the film and it’s soundtrack.  At any function we happened to attend, we would both jump up together when this song was played and do our famous party piece.  It started out with us just messing around and dancing, but it evolved into a proper Jake-and-Elwood style dance routine.  A bit different to my belly-dancing but dance is dance (apart from line-dancing!) and I love it!  Anyway, our friends would often request the song behind our backs knowing that when it played we would both be out on the dance-floor doing our thing.  And they would clap and cheer us.  We were sooo good.  Probably actually looked quite ridiculous but we didn’t care.  We were young and carefree. 

There’s even a YouTube spesh with the Brothers singing that very song but I won’t embed it here because this blog is in danger of getting way too YouTubey.  You must watch it here though because it’s just soooo cool.  And it will make you smile and tap your feet…and do that nodding-your-head-to-the-beat thing. 

Enjoy.  I’m off to cabbage on the sofa and watch Happy Feet with my kids then we”ll drag ourselves out for a walk later. 

Have a lovely Sunday. 


5 responses to this post.

  1. Our t.v was on the blink all day yesterday. When Hubs came home, he fixed it 😦 Up to that point, it was bliss!

    I still have to see Happy Feet, might rent it this weekend, eldest has a friend and her cousin E for a sleepover.

    Have a great week x


  2. I read in my blog that you missed that walk. I hope your little girl is doing fine again, Earthpal.


  3. Please come over and take back what you said about the food I put into my childrens mouths 😈


  4. No.

    That corned beef is gross.



  5. Jose, thanks. she ok today. She’s gone back to school. Still a bit wishy-washy but she really wanted to return because this week is “culture-week” in school and she didn’t want to miss it. It’s a really fun week.

    Her class has just had a week of mock SAT’s tests so they are ready for a bit of a chill down. Her teacher is really cool. And lovely. She brought her Yoga instructor into class to teach them some deep-breathing relaxation techniques to try and calm their nerves before the tests and they really helped.


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