A Couple of Irkesome Observations

1).  Today, while in town I went into a well-know store which I will expose as being Debenhams and I bought a two items of clothes which were to be a birthday present for my son’s friend.  Upon paying for them, the assistant started to pack them into one of their carrier bags and I stopped her and told her I will use my own reusable bag.  She said no, I had to use a Debenham’s carrier bag.  This has happened to me before and at the time I wasn’t sure if store policy or just the assistant being uppity.  Anyway, I told her it was rather naughty and I would be getting in touch with the store manager about it.

It bugged me for two reasons:one being the obvious environmental reason and the second being that we are being made, basically, to advertise their store and we get to pay, via our purchases, for the pleasure.  Well, not any more Debbsy, or at least not until you change your policy, if indeed it is a policy.  I will endeavour to find out.

2).  I bumped into a casual friend on my rounds in town and we stopped for a bit of a chat.  While we were chatting, a group of giggly and excited teenage girls went by.  They were all wearing short pleated skirts, white ankle socks, black pumps and sweat-shirt jackets with words embroidered on the back.   Seems from what was written on their tops that they were from a local performing majorette or marionette club and had probably just been demonstrating their talent somewhere in the town centre. 

Now for no reason at all, this friend of mine made some very derisory and much uncalled-for comments about these girls.  She sneeringly called them fat slapper chavs with dead-end futures and said she wouldn’t be seen dead in those clothes.  Well, this worsened my already dark mood and I really had to control the tongue. 

For goodness sake!  At least those girls were being active…representing their community, taking an interest in something.   Just because they came from a run-down part of the town, they didn’t deserve to be de-humanised like that.   Who did this woman think she was?   Who made her superior to those girls? 

I ask…who is the better person?


6 responses to this post.

  1. I agree 100% with you on both the shop and the girls. I think we should be doing what you do, but it is up to the shops to stop using those plastic bags. They want propaganda, then they should pay heed to what scientists are saying about environment.

    Indeed your acquaintance should have had a show-down for her lack of consideration.

    And why governments do not ban the use of plastic bags in the shops?


  2. Thanks Jose. Absolutely. Plastic bags should be either banned or seriously surcharged. I think the government must intervene because voluntary participation is never reliable. And large reusables should be made cheaply available.

    I have three huge reusable bags that I purchased from a French supermarket for about 1 Euro on a family holiday last year and I’m still using them now. And they’re just as strong.


  3. well these are two of the darnedest tales I’ve ever heard!


  4. Lol. Damned and darnation! I forgot to incorporate the “darndest” word into a post.

    Does it count if I sneak it into a comment?


  5. You should accept the bag, but turn it inside-out before they put the stuff in. And watch their brain smoke as they try and work out that conundrum…


  6. Lol. Great idea Paddy. Wish I’d thought of it there and then.


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