Delusional Pregnancy?

I recently bought one of those smock tops that are currently very much en vogue (fashion victim that I am).  Do you know the ones I mean?  Those tops that are stitched and gathered under the bustline and flare out from there.  It’s the green one here, top right hand corner.  I’m wearing it today and do you know, it makes me feel pregnant.  It looks very nice but I feel like I should have a little live bump under it.  So much so that I keep rubbing my tummy the way expectant mums do.  And feeling very disappointed at the flat emptiness.

So, I wonder, should I?  There’s time for me to squeeze another one out before the batteries run out in my biological clock.  I do get very broody. 

The other day I ever-so-casually asked my kids how they would feel if we had another baby in the family.  My eldest was, predictably, totally disgusted.  My middle child would love it but she says me and dad would have to do the “doey bit” again (she thinks we’ve only done the “doey” three times).  And my youngest – my son, he said he would love it too but only if it was a boy because his two sisters have a brother and a sister and he only has sisters so it’s not fair.

Maybe I should take a midwifery course and live out my broodiness in that way.  Or wait for the grandchildren.  Gasp!  That thought makes me shudder.  

I think I’ll just stick a cushion under my top and pretend for a while. 


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  1. I had a friend who never accepted he had grandchildren, he said to everybody they were his nephews or nieces. LOL.

    Nature’s imperatives cannot be fought against.


  2. Yes, the cushion is a good idea! 😉


  3. Lol Jose.

    Thanks for supporting this blog Jose. Makes it worthwhile.


  4. midwifery might be good too…

    I’m mighty clucky, and could imagine having another, but I just accept that now as my normal state. Another child would limit what I can do for and with my others. Luckily a couple of friends have just had babies at forty so I can visit them and have a little bit of baby contact. My girls are great with littlins too and they even stay with us for weekends when we’re at the beach, so apart from that, I’ll be hangin in there for the grandchildren.


  5. ps. I like that style of top. I had a couple of summery ones, a bit strappy that I’ve had to put away now – colder weather setting in.


  6. I have a shirt like the one you bought, I wore it once. I wore it to one of my labs at uni and the demonstrator came up to me and asked me if I was pregnant. Needless to say I never wore the shirt again and I started a diet that week. She didn’t even apologies and I was crushed.


  7. Really a pleasure, Earthpal.

    Those garments make me remember those painters of old who used wide frocks to protect their clothes from paint, which made them look as though they were pregnant.

    And many years ago, when women were too prude to show their pregnancies, they had to break their brains to find the dresses that hid that wonderful state from absurd critics.

    Thank God, women in general have always been wise, and that custom has been thrown away and they show openly they are much more beautiful in pregnancy.


  8. MissL, yes I have the perfectly shaped cushion. Ideal for phantom pregnancies.

    Bindi, yes I don’t think I really want to start all over again with a new baby. I love being pregnant with all three but I was a lot more tired carrying my youngest because of having two kids to tend to as well.

    Pocket, your story reminds of my friend who did the same thing. She bumped into a friend who she hadn’t seen for a while and who she knew to have been expecting. She asked her when the baby was due and the friend said she’s had her three weeks ago. Whoops!

    Jose, sweet words as always. Yes, they do look a bit like the artist’s smock. And I’m certainly glad that we don’t have to hide our pregnancies anymore. Although I do see a lot of expectant girls coming through the hospital where I work with all their bare belly showing and I don’t much like it. Just doesn’t look right.


  9. Indeed, earthpal, extremes are not good, this attitude of these girls seems provocation.


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