Guantanamo ~ a book waiting to be opened

“Sometimes we just didn’t get the right folks.”

General Jay Hood

Former Guantanamo Commander

January 2005 

The US Supreme Court has refused to restore the habeus corpus appeal rights.  Simply put, it has decided not to consider the ‘denial of right of appeal’ for foreign prisoners at Guantanamo. 

  • Australian David Hicks, the first Guantanamo detainee to be convicted, was sentenced to a mere nine months in prison after plea-bargaining.  As part of the deal, Mr. Hicks agreed to say that he’d never been badly treated in spite of his previous claims to the contrary so the deal was more about protecting US officials than it was about seeking justice.  According to George Bush, these prisoners are “the worst of the worst” so this sentence is a reflection of the corrupt political manipulation of the proceedings.  Read about the absurd military commission here.
  • Aid worker Adel Hamad, husband and father who grew up in Sudan and became a teacher and a hospital worker in Afghanistan to support his poor family was dragged from his bed in the middle of the night, shoved into Guantanamo, uncharged to this day and hasn’t seen his family for four years. Watch and read his story here
  • Moroccan Ahmed al-Rachidi became a “General of al Qaeda” after he broke down during “questioning” and said he was bin Laden’s superior officer.  The military officials took it literally.  Surely it would only take a minimal amount of intelligent detecting and deducing to realise he was making it up because bin Laden is at the very top of the Qaeda pecking order.  They’ve since admitted they were mistaken and, in a rare move, have cleared him without charge.  But this is after five years of incarceration.  Source.

There are many more where these stories came from.  Three hundred or so more uncharged detainees face indefinite detention, without the right to challenge their imprisonment…imprisonments of which many are dubious at best…totally unjustified at worst.

No outcome of proceedings that have been decided in Guantanamo can ever be considered just…or legal.  And there will be no shortage of human rights lawyers willing to contest any guilty pleas once these people have been released which in turn has a knock-on effect which will impede the chances of finding the real terrorists.

George Bush will no doubt continue to contain the huge pile of unread horror stories in Guantanamo until his presidency is over.  He knows they can’t possibly be detained there forever and once the book is finally opened, they’re going to burst out and tell those stories.  So he’ll silence as many and as much as he can, then he’ll leg it. 

Sign the Avaaz petition to close Guantanamo here.


“When the world’s leading democracies indulge in kidnap and torture, they inspire tyrants and terrorists alike.

Shami Chakrabarti

Director of Liberty


4 responses to this post.

  1. I expect this Australian will not stay one day in prison, given he has been in Guantanamo for 4(?) years.

    It’s really disgusting.


  2. Yes, it is disgusting. The four years already served were taken into account.

    A gross injustice for so many people.


  3. Thank You


  4. Alex, you already said that. Thank you for what? I’m quite sure you’re spam. I deleted this once. You are cheeky. And for you cheek, you get to stay.

    *Alex* links directly to Not sure what the intentions are.


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