Play Buddies or Enemies of the World?

My little boy has many toy dinosaurs and he doesn’t seem to be tiring of his Jurassic phase at all. All the make-believe games he plays with all his other toys…his pirates…his knights…his castle…his cars…they all involve dinosaurs.

He has some wild and wonderful dreams about all kinds of adventures and he dreams quite a lot about dinosaurs.

Last night he dreamt that a dinosaur was trying to get in through his bedroom window. He made a tent using his duvet and some towels and he hid in it but the dinosaur crashed the tent so he crawled out and tried to vapourise it with a space gun but it came back so came to find me because he thought it was coming to get me too. Then the dinosaur grew massive and another one appeared and then another one and everyone in the world was screaming and he was trying to fight all three by himself because the men were all away at work and there was a storm and he was suddenly on Captain Jack Sparrow’s boat which was sinking so they had to swim back to our house and the dinosaurs were gone and our house was a castle and he couldn’t find me so he went to the hospital where I work and saw me getting into my car with a baby dinosaur that had been poorly and needed fixing.

Then he said he couldn’t remember the rest.

There’s an epic novel in there somewhere.


6 responses to this post.

  1. What do you call a dinosaur with one eye?


  2. Doyouthinkhesaurus?


  3. Titanosaur?


  4. Having just got back from Lyme Regis I have had quite the fill of dinosaurs. Even bought a wonderful book on the topic. And my 3 year old son does the greatest roooaaarrrrrr!!!! 🙂


  5. Yay! Matty’s back!

    Welcome back Matt. Hope you had a refreshing break.

    Love the thought of your little boy waking you up very early with his mighty roar! My son can do a great ‘raptor impression.


  6. And a dead one?

    Answer~ Stillthinkesaurus?


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