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harry-potter.jpg The new Harry Potter book is set for release this Summer and the American publisher Scholastic Inc. will publish a deluxe edition of 100.000 which will be printed on 100% used waste.  Europe and Canada have printed the last few editions of the Harry Potter series on forest-friendly paper and the American publisher, after much lobbying from environmental groups such as Greenpeace, has finally ethically-corrected its position.  I look forward to the time when all publishers follow through on this.


traffic-jam.jpg The US Supreme Court has slapped the Bush administration by ruling that carbon dioxide is a pollutant under the clean air act.  A bit late…while the Americans were busy denying such things, Europe and Canada were busy finding ways to deal with it.  We’ve moved on and Bush Inc. needs to be quick to catch up.  Loneranger has the news article here.


seal-club.jpg  The annual Canadian seal club fest has gone underway in spite of the fact that human-induced global warming is doing a mighty fine job of reducing the seal population.  I’m aware that cute baby seals make good poster ads for the animal-rights warriors and there are many other less pretty creatures who deserve protecting too but this really is a cruel and inhumane method of culling.  The Canadian government insists that the pups die instantly within strict guidelines when in fact, observers have witnessed that such is the frantic nature of the job that the guidelines are often ignored.  Also, wildlife experts and vets have produced reports which condemn the killing methods stating that they are unacceptably cruel.  The Canadian government says that the commercial cull is economically and environmentally justified when in fact, its mostly motivated by money.  The live seals are clubbed with spiked clubs which crush their skulls so that their fur doesn’t get damaged.  Then their pelts end up in the fashion industry.  The government also insists that the slaughter provides jobs for the community but this is never an excuse for barbarity.  Many cruel practises which have long since been outlawed, provided jobs for the community but it can’t ever justify cruelty.


patio-heater.jpg According to this report, Wyevale Garden Centre chain, in a move to go greener (hahaha), has decided that it will no longer stock gas-guzzling patio heaters in its stores and will phase out most of its peat-based products.  A very brave and conscientious move.  Well done Wyevale.   On the subject of patio heaters, who shares my thoughts that they are a totally pointless invention?  How can we even attempt to heat the outdoors?  It’s about as pointless as turning our gas fires and central heating right up and leaving every door and window open.   We just wouldn’t do it, would we.


wind-turbine.jpg  Ruth Kelly’s new proposals to cut the red tape on planning permission will make it much easier for householders to enviromentally retrofit their homes.  So today I like her.  Having to seek planning permission just to fit a wind turbine or a solar panel to our homes is quite ludicrous.  Not only is the process deterringly expensive, it’s also a waste of valuable eco-time so it’s good to see a common-sense plan coming from Mrs. Kelly.


easter-eggs.jpgAnd, as it’s that yummy, chocolately time of the year when you’re going to eat obscene amounts of Easter eggs, would I be doing my duty as a green blogger if I didn’t promote ethical Easter eggs?  No I wouldn’t!  So here’s the link to the Fairtrade website where you will find information on where to buy chocolate goodies without hurting the environment or forcing poor slave children to work in dire sweatshop conditions just to provide you with your chocolate fix.   Enjoy!

Ta ta!


4 responses to this post.

  1. You’ve been ‘tagged’ 😉


  2. Re. heating the outdoors, yes I would. I *love* being outside in the Summer evenings and would rather sit under a patio heater for a while longer, than go indoors.

    Still my friend? 😦


  3. Course I’m still your friend. But only if I get the seat closest to the patio heater when I come to yours for a barbecue.

    Seriously though, just nip inside for a cardi and a pair of hubby’s woolly socks. Much cheaper than trying to heat all the heavens, for gawd’s sake!


  4. I don’t possess a ‘cardi’ and if I were to wear Hubby’s socks, I’d be just as cold, all his socks have ‘oles in!


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