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Five things I can admit to being obsessed with

A difficult one for me because I’m not really an obsessive sort…at least I don’t think I am.  Maybe my friends and loved ones would disagree.   But I’ve been pondering and trying to think of some things I would dare to admit without having to make anything up and these are what I’ve come up with:

  1. Loo seats that are not put down:  I hate toilet seats that are up (when not in use of course).
  2. My blog stats:  A truly illogical obsession.  My stats are really nothing to get worked up about.
  3. Recycling:  No need to elaborate on this.  I’ve preached about it often enough in this blog.
  4. Spelling mistakes:  I hate seeing spelling mistakes. My kids are given zero leeway on this.
  5. Stains on my carpets:  I am forever scrubbing at fresh marks that have recently appeared.  We have very light carpets throughout our house.  I know how unwise that must seem when we have three active kids but when we bought the house, the carpets came with the deal and the only colour options were, beige, white or more white. 

There you go.  A bit of a dull collection I know but otherwise, I would have had to make them up.  Mind you, it would have been a lot more interesting to invent one or two bizarre obsessive disorders methinks.

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  1. I agree with you in all those “manias” I must add two I cannot live without: order, neatness. I can live without noise and arguments.


  2. I wish I was more organised. I used to be organised but I seem to have lost the skill somewhere along the path. I think it might have been when my kids came along.

    As for noise…it depends on what type of noise and what mood I’m in. Some music I like to play loud. And of course, I love the noisey sound of my kids laughing and playing…or any kids for that matter.

    But I like quiet too. My head gets too cluttered up with fussy day-to-day aggravations so quiet times alone are a much needed refuge.


  3. And what about the obsession you have with the way you move your head every time you dance? 😆


  4. Obsessions. Hmmm … could be a like opening a can of worms! 🙂


  5. MissyL… don’t you be mocking me party pieces! Happy Days!

    Matt, can of worms? Hmm, come on then….fess up! We’re listening.


  6. OK. No.1 … travel. Oh lordy, how I love to teleport myself into another timezone, culture, language food smells. The list of hyper-sensory pleasure from dropping into another country is endless and pure pleasure. In short, an obsession!

    I’m talking a little off-planet from the usual fare. China springs to mind for example. The depths of Eygpt another. I could relay dozens of experiences that never leave my inner self but, one will suffice;

    …. the Nile, flat, calm, the sky a perfect blue. Floating slowly down this mighty river that has fed ancient civilisations for thousands of years upon a faluka (a tiny sailing boat). Time literally stands still, evaporates even. Oxen drink at the rivers edge, mothers wash their family’s clothes and kids swim just off the river bank.

    The river beckons. The sun beats down. I stand and stare down at its mysterious, swirling darkness and … dive in … 🙂


  7. And can you do this teleportation thing at will Matt? 😕

    How good would it be to be able to visit faraway places without the need for conventional transport systems thus zero carbon emissions.

    I used to dream that I was flying. Mostly I’d be flying over mountains, lakes and rivers. It felt euphoric. But sometimes I would dream that I was surging upwards into black space and those dreams were scary.

    Weird dreams. Even stranger mind huh? 😀


  8. Ooops, sorry, shouldn’t have used the word ‘teleport’. That Nile experience was actually a real account of younger travelling days, albeit more poetically retold! 🙂 Wonderful days. I have as I say many stories, including China, way back in 1990!


  9. Yes, don’t worry. I realised that. Lol.

    It does sound like a wonderful experience you had there – and beautifully told.


  10. Hi earthpal, just wondering if being tagged means that you need to keep a chain of post going? If so, thanks for the challenge and I’m onto it!


  11. […] I’m a little relaxed but don’t feel like going to bed, so I have decided to give earthpal’s challenge a go. She tagged me and I think that means I need to keep up the post chain. This is what […]


  12. Hi Bindi, just going to take a peep at your obsessions.


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