My little dancing queen has been very busy rehearsing for a dance show which is being performed over three shows at the end of this month. 

The dance school that she attends only puts on a show every two or three years due to the sheer volume of hard work that it involves.  And it must also fit in with the curriculum which incudes exams, extra practise etc. so it’s a lot of stress and hard work for all involved. 

I’ve been dragged into helping out backstage for two of the shows and trust me, it’s a stressful and hectic job.  A couple of hundred noisy kids of varying ages all excited and chatty.  And fed up of waiting.  Can you imagine trying to control them all…getting them all into the correct costumes…keeping them quiet so that they can’t be heard from the theatre…making sure they’re ready at the right time for their entry onto stage?  It takes military planning.

But I do enjoy it.  It’s great fun and it all makes me feel very stage-struck.  My daughter is very industrious and committed.  She is forever practising her dances at home.  She has five dances to perfect and the other night, when I had a couple of friends over for wine and chat, she gave us a special sneak preview of one of her ballet numbers.  It had been a while since I’d seen her doing any ballet and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised at her progress.  She has really matured in her dance and is now very graceful.  She’s always had the ability to remember the steps – her technique has always been impressive but she’s developed a grace and is coming into her own dance now.  I am so proud.  And envious.

The other night, we watched The Kirov ballet perform Swan lake on BBC4.  It reminded us of last year when we went to the Lowry Centre to see The Bolshoi Ballet perform it and it was superb.  The Bolshoi Ballet.  It really doesn’t get much better than that.

Very much looking forward to watching the show and seeing all the hard work pay off…for all involved.


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  1. The best payment you may receive is when you see your children excel, improve their skills and prepare for what life will offer them in their ripe years.

    Fantastic, Earthpal. Congrats.


  2. Thanks Jose.

    Yes, if they’re happy, we’re happy. Dancing might not be her future but it is something that she loves and somehow, I think it will always be part of her. It keeps her motivated and active, it has instilled in her an ethos of commitment and has built her confidence.

    I think I probably boast too much about my kids.


  3. No worries. One’s kids are one’s best asset, a continuation of your life.


  4. Well done to Earthling! We’d love to see a little video of her in action 😉


  5. Cheers hon.

    Thw whole show is going to be recorded and I’ve ordered a copy.


  6. Do you think she’ll become a dancer? She sounds like she excels in it.


  7. Hi Mo. I don’t know. It wouldn’t surprise me if she did. She does seem to be a natural.


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