and for the Green girls

Or is this one for the men?

Whatever..  Being an equal rights kinda girl, here are some Green shopping bag bra’s….


2 responses to this post.

  1. That left me wondering whether rationality has got something to do with this. Women stripping of their bras to use them as market bags is offensive to women’s rights.

    Why can’t men’s garments be used instead?


  2. Hi Jose.

    Well you can eat men’s garments…if they’re made from soy. Lol.

    The designers aren’t going to market the bra’s because of fears of a backlash from conservative types. Thing is, although it’s a gimmick, it does highlight the absurdity of the continuing use of plastic carriers bags. And it might make men more willing to carry out shopping duties if they think there’s a chance that a sexy female will whip out her bra and proceed to pack it full of groceries. Can you imagine? They’ll be following the women whose shopping carts are the fullest. 😉 Hehe.


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