Random Ramblings…very long ones too so those of you with a low boredom threshold, look away now

Well, goodness me.  I’ve been looking forward to tonight all week.  My eldest daughter is sleeping over at her friends house and my lovely hubby has taken the youngest two up to the Lakes for an exciting and adventurous night of camping-out.  So, I have the evening to myself.  I have to admit, I was at one point, extremely tempted to go with them, especially as it was so warm and sunny when I was the buying camping gear. 

Speaking of camping gear – we used to have all the stuff…a huge family tent, pots and pans, accessories, everything.  But you know how it is when you lend stuff out.  If it isn’t returned within a month or so, you forget who you lent it to.  And the person you lent it to has had it for so long that they think it’s always been theirs.  Sound familiar?  Well that’s what’s happened to all our gear.

Anyhoo, packing all their stuff up for the mini trip furthered my yearning to sod-it-all and go with them.   But I resisted.  One of the reasons being is that my husband is away with work such a lot that I felt he needed some time alone with the kids. Especially with our little boy who is a touch on the soft side, especially when I’m around.  So methinks a bit of father/son activity/bonding is needed.  You know, character building stuff…(sound effect: gruff masculine cough).  Although I don’t doubt that my lovely dancing daughter will still boss them both to despair.   The other reason, if I’m honest, is that I’ve been feeling lately, a selfish indignance to demand a bit of time for me.  

So, what do I do with my extremely rare night alone?  Well I called up some of my friends and none of them were free.  Hmmm.  

So here I am, after my epic build-up of eager anticipation of a totally role-free, me-myself-I night, being the contrary trout that I am, I’m actually feeling really quite lost.  I am missing them.  The house is too big, the emptiness is stark and the silence is calling for their return.

But…in the meantime…enough of that nonsense.  Ye great gods!  I actually have the computer all to myself.  That’s another rare event these days.  With the kids being off school and hubby temporarily home every night, I’m not allowed anywhere near the pc.  And when I do happen to see an empty chair at the ‘puter of which I dive into, it’s usually very short-lived.  Just when I’m in full blog flow, I find myself being dragged away to deal with blood-curdling shrieks resulting from violent sibling fights.  Or to solve complaints of mind-numbing levels of boredom.  Or to satisfy life-threatening cries of starvation.  Why…why do we indulge our kid’s insistence on being fed and entertained?  

Anyhoo…my free time.  I thought I’d just spend a couple of hour’s blog-hopping, catching up with the news and rambling on here.  Oh, I already did that! 

Speaking of rambling – today at work in our Chamber-of-Great-Debates, ie the staff-room, my colleague who is an ex-hairdresser was playing with my hair.  Now, being the benevolent soul that I am, I didn’t want to prevent her from keeping her hairdressing skills sharp, so I sat back, relaxed and allowed her to play away.  Did I mention that I just love having my hair messed with?  Anyway, in no time at all (way too quickly actually, much to my disdain) she threw up a perfectly sculpted French plait.  The other girls all cooed and ah’ed and said it was lovely.  And it was.  I kept it in all day and it made me feel ever-so-eighties.

Speaking of the eighties – I recently bought a pair of leggings/footless tights which are also an eighties throwback that I lovingly remember so well.  And tonight, in keeping with my lovely eighties French plait, I put on said legging and I wore them with that swirly top that makes me feel pregnant.  And I played some Echo and the Bunnymen and some Teardrop Explodes tracks and I had myself a real eighties retro moment.  T’was much good fun and nostalgic – indeed.  The girls at work callously told me earlier that one of the golden rules of fashion was….if you wore it the first time round, you really should NOT wear it the second time.  So.  In conclusion of that, it seems I might be a fashion victim.  I already knew that.

Speaking of work (I did mention work didn’t I?), something occurred to me today and I thought I’d share it with you.  When I’m moving from patient to patient, industriously draining their blood supply, I always take note of what they happen to be reading or what book/newspaper is lying around their bed space.  I always pick up the book and read the blurb.  I make friendly enquiries, ask are they enjoying it, is it any good etc…and I realised today that I tend to try and compartmentalise these people by the books they are reading or the newspaper they’ve chosen from the travelling shop.  I tend to think that whatever they’re reading tells me something about that person…a tiny insight into their political or social values perhaps.  Or a little clue towards their levels of intellectualism.  Of course, it’s no trustworthy way of judging a persons traits or background…a totally unreliable way to know a person’s moral standing.  Ok, if they’re sat reading the bible from cover to cover, with a Book of Common Prayer at the side, that would be a huge indication of their religious belief but it says nothing about their moral or ethical values.  You only have to look at George Bush to know that!  But being as I am, a nosey trout with a busy mind, look for clues I will.   And I’m often caught out being totally wrong.  Take today for instance.  Today I dealt with a young Asian guy who was reading a book that I’d never heard of.  The book title was written in the colours and style of the American flag.  So we have an Asian man reading a book with an American flag on the front.  And with those two tiny and insignificant snippets of information, I managed to conclude that the book was about the American agenda in the Middle East.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  It was a love story about an American couple living in France.  With lots of sordid sex involved.   [note to self: I must stop searching for people who are like myself and want everything to have a deep and meaningful, world-saving message encrypted]

Speaking of compartmentalising people, when I was a young and flirtatious teenager, my chat-up line was not to ask boys what their names were but rather, to ask them what their birth-signs were.  And snigger all you want.  It always worked!  It was a great ice-breaker.  I still do it now for fun when I have a night out with the girls.  Waiters are usually my favourite target.  It’s so sweet.  I ask them their birth-sign and they either tell me to guess or they don’t have a clue what it is.  So they tell me when their birthday is and I then tell them what their birth-sign is.  They usually smile pleasantly in spite of having seven or eight loud females harassing and teasing them.  And they heroically carry on their duties.  But they love it.  And they always give in to temptation and return to ask me all about ther birth-sign and who it’s compatible with.   And guess what?  No matter their birth-sign is, it is always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS compatible with mine.  Hehehehehe.

And for those of you who have stayed with me this long…I love you! 

Oh, and what’s your birth-sign?


11 responses to this post.

  1. I’ll tell you if you tell me! 😉


  2. Are birth signs and star signs the same? My mum is really into them, not in the hippie, gypsy kind of way but more infromation kind of way. Do you think people are really like there star signs? Can 1 billion people be categorised this way? I am a gemini and most of the time I completely agree with that.


  3. Matty and Pocket – you made it1 Thanks guys. Lol.

    Matt, give me a tiny clue…such as which month you were born in. Lol. Aries perhaps? Or Cancer?

    Pocket, yes, they’re the same thing.

    It’s impossible to categorise so many people into twelve signs. I certainly don’t read or believe in the day-to-day horoscopes. T’is all just a bit of fun. But some take it very seriously and there is a lot more to astrology than daily forecasts.


  4. Let me see … you might be Scorpio or Sagittarius?


  5. I’m a modest, shy and intellectual Virgo. 😳


  6. Bingo! Me too. 🙂


  7. Well that makes sense. Virgo is an earth sign hence our mutual instinctive urges to protect the planet.

    And….we are compatible.


  8. Me thinks so too. 🙂


  9. ‘Random Ramblings…very long ones too so those of you with a low boredom threshold, look away now’

    I stuck it out, but can’t be bothered to comment now…


  10. Nah, you just read the title. If you’d really stuck it out, you wouldn’t have been able to resist saying something sarcy about the birthsigns.

    Typical Sagittarian…restless. 😉


  11. I personally love retro anything including retro fashion. Thanks for the post.


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